Gundersen Lutheran Hospital: Self-Assessment
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Gundersen Lutheran Hospital: Self-Assessment

This case study outlines a self-assessment, personal change-based program that is designed to develop managers within this merged healthcare organization.In this case study, you will find:•    Building the Business Case•    Best Practice Study•    Assessment and Development Planning•    The Leadership Development Program Curriculum•    Program Evaluation and Measurement•    Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches•    Informal Evaluation•    Formal Evaluation•    Best Practice AreasIn 1997, Gundersen Lutheran was named one of the top 100 healthcare institutions in the United States. William, M. Mercer, Inc., and HCIA, Inc., of Baltimore, Maryland, made this recognition public as part of its fifth annual “100 Top Hospitals: Benchmarks for Success” study.The organization houses a Human Resource Development (HRD) department which provides the majority of organizational nonclinical education and training initiatives. One such initiative is th...
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