SmithKline Beecham:Assessment-driven Program
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SmithKline Beecham:Assessment-driven Program

This article outlines a personal change and assessment-driven program that is designed for leadership development and succession planning in a post-merger environment.In this article you will find:•    Creating a Team to Design the Leadership Development Planning Process•    Data Gathering•    Key Learnings of First Round Development Planning•    The Leadership Planning Process (LPP) Design•    Leadership Development Review (LADR)•    Group Discussion•    LPP Training Curriculum•    Succession Planning Process•    Business Assessment•    Organizational Succession Planning•    Internal Candidate Search•    Continuous Improvement of the Leadership Planning Process•    Leadership Exchange•    Leadership Advantage•    Key Learnings of LPP After Implementation•    ResultsIn 1989, SmithKline Beecham was formed through the merger of SmithKline Beckman Corporation, located in Philadelphia, PA, and The Beecham Group...
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