Corning Inc.: Creating The Next Generation Of Innovation Leaders
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Corning Inc.: Creating The Next Generation Of Innovation Leaders

Corning has established a leadership position in glass and ceramics based on a commitment and ability to out-innovate the competition. The company has had a devotion to R&D investment and the delivery of value through applied science since its very origins 157 years ago. In the past decade the company has come to appear as something of an anomaly within Corporate America, given the continued devotion to investing at least ten percent of annual revenue into fundamental research and development. Many comparison companies have pursued a game of financial engineering. Most competitor companies have off-shored critical competencies in both product development and manufacturing, which has created short-term wins and prosperity for senior leadership at the sacrifice of long-term viability in sustaining a product pipeline and wealth creation for a broad domestic workforce. These companies have diverted available capital into stock repurchase programs as well as internal remuneration scheme...
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