FedEx: Executive Development
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FedEx: Executive Development

As a company with a long standing history of promoting from within, FedEx continues to place great emphasis on ensuring the development of future leaders – and, with good reason.  Some 90% of Officer-level hires are internal, meaning that the company needs to prepare individuals to be ready for whatever challenges lie ahead.  With tenures of 20+ years of experience on the company’s senior executive team, many senior Officers “grew up” in the company.  Aware that some of the company’s long tenured leadership would soon be eligible for retirement and recognizing that eligibility as a possible risk to the continuity of the business should those individuals choose to retire, the FedEx senior executive team wanted to ensure the company prepared a leadership pipeline to be ready to support future talent needs.  As a result, the company formed an enterprise-wide Executive Development Team in 2005 responsible for developing and implementing executive development initiatives. This...
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