InterContinental Hotels Group: Global Operations
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InterContinental Hotels Group: Global Operations

Separation from The Bass Holding Company required a new strategy for the future InterContinental Hotels Group. As Treasurer, Richard Winter put it “We’ve been running a global hotel business like a regional pub business.”  A team had drawn up a strategy for the new business.  Peter Gowers, EVP of Strategy at the time and now EVP of Global Brand Services described their strategic focus this way: 1.Building strongly differentiated brands that ensure we capture a high share of those people who say that brands influence their choice of hotel. 2.Developing our network of hotels worldwide with depth in key markets for our mid-scale brands and widespread distribution for our international upscale hotels. 3.Taking advantage of our systems and scale to deliver premium revenues and profits e.g. Priority Club Rewards, reservation channels such as HOLIDEX, and global sales. 4.Optimising returns on our asset base both by improving use of individual hotel assets through our on-going refu...
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