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Destination Hotels: Executing an Integrated Talent Management Strategy

Destination Hotels & Resorts uncovers the value of integrating talent management systems and practices to achieve results greater than the sum of its parts.Destination's people management systems and processes were disjointed and untenable, with the majority being highly manual and decentralized, which allowed very poor visibility into the workforce. Obtaining meaningful data related to running the business and planning for future growth was difficult and took too long to secure or was simply not available. This time-consuming approach complicated decision-­making and was costly in terms of both time and resources.BackgroundDestination Hotels and Resorts “Destination” is the third-­largest independent hotel management company (measured by revenues) in the United States, predominantly operating independent resorts throughout the mainland U.S. and Hawaii. Destination employs approximately 9,000 employees and operates in 37 locations with headquarters in Englewood, Colorado. The...
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