McDonald's Talent Case Study
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McDonald's Talent Case Study

Enhancing the Talent Management System to Support McDonald’s Global GrowthSince 2001 McDonald’s has introduced a series of significant changes to its HR systems to strengthen the organization’s capability to develop the quantity and quality of leadership talent needed to support its continued global growth and vitality. This case study focuses on describing five separate initiatives that have been introduced in the past five years to strengthen the areas of Performance Development, Succession Planning, and Leadership Development. For each initiative it describes how and why the changes were introduced, how they have been refined over time, and the positive impacts they have had within the business.McDonald’s CorporationBelow is a list of the initiatives along with what is included with each:Initiative #1: Performance Development System Redesign•    McDonald’s Process•    Upgrades to the process•    “Performance Drivers”•    New System Roll-out vs. Loca...
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