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This case study describes the development and impact of a function called “Global Learning” at Volvo 3P as a tool for handling business challenges Shared Learning is inherent in the experiences of a complex global organization. Volvo 3P developed 3P Global Learning as a strategic approach to support the cultural identity of a global workforce, and to prepare its management and executive leadership for the global environment.VolvoA Global Shared Learning Program for Three BrandsWhen Volvo acquired two other major truck manufacturers – each with its own distinctive brand and culture – it saw the need for a new global workforce and need to prepare the management and executive leadership of these brands for mutual global support.In 2001 Volvo acquired Mack Trucks, Inc., and Renault V.I. to form the largest truck maker in Europe and the second largest truck maker in the world. Volvo set out to be the first among truck makers to organize under a common global cross-functional organiz...
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