Xerox Case Study:Customer Satisfaction
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Xerox Case Study:Customer Satisfaction

An organizational development initiative that transformed a traditional work culture into an entrepreneurial, self-managing, productive work community, dedicated to increased customer satisfaction and levels of decision-making authority, and enabling employees to develop a better understanding of organizational business objectives.For years Xerox had been dedicated to creating “empowerment” within the workplace culture. The oft-stated company goal was to “unleash” the full potential of their employees through this empowerment process. But after years of effort, this cornerstone of the new Xerox culture was still more fantasy than fact. Why all this concern over empowerment? Simple. An empowered workforce, consisting of “Empowered Work Groups,” or EGWs, has been shown to be quicker, more creative, and more flexible in response to customer needs. That in turn leads to higher customer satisfaction with Xerox products and services, which means more sales.1 In short, empowerment...
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