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Microsoft Front Lines

By Shannon Banks /Prior HR Director, Microsoft Western Europe

At Microsoft, the top 4% of high potential leaders are selected to participate in Bench, a global leadership program that is designed to accelerate development. As part of Bench, senior executives participate in Front Lines, an award-winning action-learning experience linking learning directly to bu... Read More

SOAR: Building Strategic Capacity

By Jacqueline Stavros /Professor/Director of DBA Program, Lawrence Technological University

SOAR: Building Strategic Capacity CHAPTER EIGHTEEN by Jacqueline M. Stavros and Patricia Malone  SOAR is “a profoundly positive approach that allows an organization to construct its future through collaboration, shared understanding, and a commitment to action” (Stavros and Hinrichs 2... Read More
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Case Studies

Early Career Experience: How BD Develops Global, Customer-Focused Leaders

By Edward Franzone /Senior Director of Worldwide Learning and Development, BD

The Early Career Experience is designed to accelerate the career development and networking of its members. As a result of completing this program, we wanted participants to (1) gain an understanding of BD's varied businesses; (2) build a personal network that crosses BD's worldwide businesses, func... Read More

A Case of Success for Edison International: An Enterprise-Wide Workforce Planning Process

By /Senior Director of Worldwide Learning and Development, BD

Michael Manning, Sr. Manager of Strategic Workforce Planning, Human Capital Analytics & Employee Engagement at Edison International, has created a case study that is intended to provide the reader an overview on how enterprise-wide workforce planning was successfully launched at Edison Interna... Read More
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Retaining Employees in the Liquid Workforce

By Bpi   /CEO, Best Practice Institute

I put the following quick-react-report together in response to questions concerning how to retain employees beyond the first few years in the organization. Read More
The global workforce is made up of 4 generations. By 2025 there will be five generations in the workforce. Each generation displays some unique behaviors and how they perform tasks. Although multiple generations in the workforce are not new, the makeup of the workforce and the reliance on technology... Read More
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Live Webinars

The future is now, and if personalized adaptive learning isn't a part of your current learning strategy, you may be falling behind. Adaptive learning delivers personalized, impactful, measurable, engaging learning and is easy to deploy using your content. Traditional learning can waste milli... Read More
John Nelson is a veteran of organization transformation. Whether it is the result of an integration from a merger/acquisition or due to an internal reorganization, John has built a model based on his personal experiences with organizations such as Diversey, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Baxalta, Cargill, Med... Read More
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On Demand Webinars

Filling the talent pipeline for skilled workers can be a challenge. Talent acquisition should not hold back growth for technology-enabled manufacturing. How can organizations find and retain talent in challenging environments? Companies are thinking creatively to find ways to address talent short... Read More
What kind of flexibility, agility, and changes are needed to acquire, hire, develop, and enable the high performance of the next generation/multi-generational workforce? Read More
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