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Accountability is a key leadership capability that measures the reliability of action based on upheld standards, performance, and a self-managed ethical approach. When employees, clients or leaders are not “accountable” counter actions invoke micromanagement, stifling growth and effective use of resources.

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While there may be widespread acceptance that ‘learning’ is, and will continue to be, a key differentiation between short and long term business success, there are few definitive answers as to HOW this learning can occur. new generation of employees and manage The unique learning styles and pref... Read More
We argue that leadership development is inevitably affected by on-the-job context. We define context as including the elements of a work and organizational setting that influence behavior. Especially important are those elements in the immediate work setting that are controlled by one’s supervisor... Read More

Consolidated Pre-work for Talent Management Action Learning Lab March 2009

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Total organization integrity is an organizational framework and mindset for creating corporate identities of the highest ethical standards. This article will identify the driving forces underscoring both the need and urgency for establishing a fully integrated ethical framework.  Further, using les... Read More
The purpose of leadership development is to build leaders who know how to increase organization capability that delivers current and future earnings consistent with firm values.  In this article we argue that it is the job of leaders at all levels to create sustainable shareholder value and to be a... Read More

Value Diversity and Inclusion

By Judith H. Katz /Dean's Council, College of Education at the University of Massachusetts

An organization that not only recognizes, but also leverages the diversity of its workforce and creates an inclusive culture that supports everyone in the organization to contribute will see positive, substantive change resulting in higher performance. Despite the fact that “diversity” has been ... Read More

You Can't Be Champion Unless you Keep Score

By John Sullivan /Dean's Council, College of Education at the University of Massachusetts

If this were the Olympics, it would be obvious to all that you couldn’t become a champion without measuring results. In fact, the definition of a champion is "the one with the best results.” In the general business world the use of numbers and metrics is part of life.  CEO's, CFO's and sharehol... Read More

Top Five Do's and Don'ts of Talent Development

By Brian Fishel /SVP Talent Management, Key Bank

Whether in times of boom or bust, finding effective leaders to fill management roles is always a priority.  In the current business climate, the combination of an unpredictable market and a workforce culture that values company loyalty and longevity far less than it used to makes effective leadersh... Read More

The Top Five Dos and Don'ts of Talent Development

By Brian Fishel /SVP Talent Management, Key Bank

Whether in times of boom or bust, finding effective leaders to fill management roles is always a priority.  In the current business climate, the combination of an unpredictable market and a workforce culture that values company loyalty and longevity far less than it used to makes effective leadersh... Read More

Case Studies

Transfer Whole System Transformation methodology to the organization resulting in a sustainable journey of staying agile as a function Read More
This case study outlines a global training program for sales executives that develops business leadership capabilities through training seminars, partnerships with senior managers, and action learning.In this case study, you will find:•    Training Colgate-Palmolive’s Global Sales Leaders•... Read More

Imasco Limited: Action Learning

By Jay A. Conger /Henry R. Kravis Research Chair in Leadership Studies

This article outlines an action learning-based program that is designed to develop the strategic thinking capabilities of senior and middle management.

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Background Buckman Laboratories is an international, family-owned, specialty-chemical company with headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.  For more than fifty years, Buckman has provided the world’s leading industries with a broad range of specialty chemicals for the papermaking, water treatme... Read More
A cultural change model for achieving excellence in the five pillars of service, people, quality, growth, and financial performance through balanced scorecard, customer service interventions, accountability interventions, and emphasis on measurement of satisfaction for all stakeholders.  This case... Read More

A Global Career Development Process (Career Fitness) for all employees designed to create a culture for continuous learning and personal responsibility for career growth through career management, coaching, and advising.

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This article is a change management process for creating and implementing a distinctive firm brand and fostering a unique employer-of-choice culture while driving performance, accountability and innovation to higher levels.  Initiative leverages executive strategic planning and alignment, leadershi... Read More
This article outlines a leadership competency-based process of nomination, individual assessment, development planning, and ongoing coaching support to improve leadership development and bench strength in the increasingly competitive utilities marketplace.In this article you will find:•    Impl... Read More
This article outlines a competency-based leadership development system that leverages external coaching, 360-degree feedback, and individual development planning for all managers in the organization within the rapidly changing industry of information technology.In this article you will find:•  ... Read More

SmithKline Beecham:Assessment-driven Program

By Lou Manzi /One Franklin Plaza, GSK

This article outlines a personal change and assessment-driven program that is designed for leadership development and succession planning in a post-merger environment.In this article you will find:•    Creating a Team to Design the Leadership Development Planning Process•    Data Gathering... Read More
A performance management system designed to develop employees’ knowledge of their roles and responsibilities while aligning their performance in support of the company’s strategic business goals through such tools as 360-degree feedback and a focused competency model.The goal of Sonoco’s Perfo... Read More
An integrated leadership development and succession planning system designed for executives that leverage 360-degree feedback, a leadership skill/competency model, and individual development planning.This chapter introduces the framework, processes, and tools currently used at Sun Microsystems, Inc.... Read More
A change management model for creating a world-class safety culture or leading other large-scale improvement initiatives that leverage internal audits, employee testing, extensive training, job analysis, and cultural change interventions.This change management case study describes the systematic app... Read More

This model portrays Hewlett-Packard’s follow-through process for Dynamic Leadership.  It includes the model for the follow-through process and all relevant information.

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This model portrays Honeywell Aerospace’s plan to change the company (DNA) at all levels.  It includes the model for changing the DNA at All Levels and all relevant information.

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This model portrays a sample of McDonald’s Team Process Check.  It includes a model of the team process check format and document along with all relevant information.

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This model portrays McDonald’s Project Review Checklist.  It includes the review checklist used and all relevant information.

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This model portrays St. Luke’s Hospital’s Five Points of the Star Model.  The vision of the Five Points of the Star model was defined as having all leaders, staff and volunteers in St. Luke’s Hospital & Health Network feel valued and recognized from all levels within the Network.  It inc... Read More
A 360° assessment-based leadership development initiative for leaders at all levels of the organization, designed to work in conjunction with the organization’s human resource strategic plan and performance management process. Introduction/Background AlliedSignal is an advanced technology and m... Read More

United States Army War College

By George Reed /Associate Professor at University on San Diego

United States Army War CollegeThis leadership development case study describes the approach used by the United States Army War College to prepare selected high potential military and civilian leaders for duties of increased responsibility at the strategic level. The Army War College has an internati... Read More

Valero Energy Corporation

By John Sullivan /Associate Professor at University on San Diego

Predictive Labor Needs and Talent Pipeline AutomationThis is a case study profiling the benchmark talent management best practices and strategies of the Valero Energy Corporation. After a lengthy study that compared talent management models and strategies of the world’s leading corporations it was... Read More


By Nilou Sardari /Volvo

This case study describes the development and impact of a function called “Global Learning” at Volvo 3P as a tool for handling business challenges Shared Learning is inherent in the experiences of a complex global organization. Volvo 3P developed 3P Global Learning as a strategic approach to sup... Read More
An organizational development initiative that transformed a traditional work culture into an entrepreneurial, self-managing, productive work community, dedicated to increased customer satisfaction and levels of decision-making authority, and enabling employees to develop a better understanding of or... Read More
A summary of the design and implementation of a corporate-wide executive coaching program for high-performing and high potential senior leaders at Agilent Technologies. APEX features a customized 360° feedback leadership profile, an international network of external coaches, and a “pay for result... Read More
This chapter describes five separate initiatives that have been introduced in the past eight years to strengthen the areas of performance development, succession planning, and leadership development. For each initiative we describe how and why the changes were introduced, how they have been refined,... Read More
The Drotter results-based approach is tailored to a professional services firm structure and applied in the development of a performance management system aligned with the business’s strategy. Drotter’s Leadership Pipeline approach is implemented, with the full performance definitions for each l... Read More
This case study describes the dynamic transformation process of HP sanctioned by the CEO in which over 8,000 managers throughout the world were developed through key principles of accelerating high performance and alignment and executing with accountability.  The program’s most successful key fea... Read More
The following case study will examine the path of Honeywell’s successful Aerospace business in leveraging Six Sigma as the core productivity strategy that will fuel its aggressive growth plans.  It examines how Honeywell has successfully evolved Six Sigma from a process improvement initiative to ... Read More
This case study describes the systematic approach employed by Intel Corporation’s Fab 12 Organization Development Team (ODT) to successfully launch and innovative, nontraditional way of developing leaders. 1 The ODT works at the manufacturing-site level (not corporate), responding to specific ch... Read More
This case study includes MIT’s method for developing the higher-level skills to create and sustain a self-perpetuating learning organization through mental models, systems thinking, personal and organizational visioning, and several other best practice organizational learning exercises and tools t... Read More
This case study describes how this hospital and health network implemented a leadership development program that achieved breakthrough results in patient satisfaction, improved quality of care, overall service, efficiency, and top status in the industry through a series of quality improvement initia... Read More
Change is increasingly being regarded as an ongoing part of doing business. The word change often connotes big, privatized businesses trying to adapt from bureaucracy to flexibility in order to maintain competitive advantage in the face of enhanced customer expectations. More and more, change manage... Read More


Comparison of Performance Management Vendors

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

The following is a survey of tools that enable the employee feedback that supports performance appraisals. The intent is to identify and measure those tools that compete directly with Skillrater. I have found that the “big” tools serve Human Resources and Human Capital Management in extensivel... Read More

Matching Analytics to HR’s Chief Goals

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

Almost every aspect of workforce management and top talent identification is viewed as a “high” or “very high” in terms of importance by the HR professionals in our survey. This shows that analytics has the potential to impact talent management at every level but may also signify that anal... Read More
When business dictates the next step is stretching outside the U.S., organizations must tread with care. While the company may have a domestic talent strategy, there is much to consider when looking for overseas talent. Each country has its own unique set of challenges, from how to obtain and tr... Read More


By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

Continued global commercial volatility and unpredictability means talent strategies are constantly evolving. Talent scarcity remains a pressing concerns for most HR principles in 2016 and this is being reflected by a heavy strategic focus on talent sourcing and retention. Surprisingly, in a ... Read More
Copyright, Best Practice Publications, LLC and Best Practice Institute. Do not distribute or share this document without prior written consent of the publisher. For more site licenses, you must purchase additional memberships. 360 Degree Assessment for Project Managers Purpose of the Asses... Read More
BPI’s definition of Best Practices BPI’s definition of best practices is a program, intervention, and/or organization system that achieves sustainable positive results over time through diagnostic, assessment, design, implementation, continuous support, and evaluation phases. Description of Four... Read More

BPI's 25 Top CEO List

By Louis Carter /CEO, BPI

The BPI 25 Top CEO List describes the accomplishments of 25 CEOs studied by BPI. It measures the following variables of the CEO: Tenure; Total Revenue Increase (3yrs); Net Income Increase (3yrs); and key accomplishments. 1. Fred Smith FedEx 8 yrs 30% 53.60% Fred Smith has led FedEx to success throug... Read More

Live Webinars

Forty percent of today’s employees work virtually, soon to be 50 percent by 2020. Thirty-six percent of employees would give up a pay raise for the ability to work remotely; forty percent would be willing to take a pay cut for that option. Is your company maximizing this labor source, making it ... Read More
Learn how to quickly and easily bust through ruts, get into high gear, experience more of what you want, and take charge of your day. Join Jeff Davidson who holds the registered trademark "The Work-life Balance Expert" from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and travels throughout the U.... Read More

On Demand Webinars

Intentional Leadership

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

Join us in sharing intentional leadership practices, communication and accountability strategies. Read More

Benchmarking Best of Best Practices

By Louis Carter /CEO, BPI

Best Practice benchmarking is a critical first step toward developing and designing a leading edge program, system, or intervention within your organization. Before you venture out on your own to diagnose your own system, or if you have already begun designing, it is sage advice to look externally t... Read More
From a business perspective, it is imperative to ensure that organizational boards, leadership teams and employees are reflective of their markets. As shareholders continue to expect faster growth, higher return, and sustainability, companies need to have people leading and working in them that refl... Read More
Join Louis Carter and Christi O'Neill as they reveal the best and next practices of 2013, based on BPI research and conversations. Learn what organizations are doing to promote transparency through talent programs and data planning. Engage and share your talent challenges and success stories! Read More

An Integrated Approach to Driving Diversity at Rockwell Collins

By Christi O'Neill /Vice President of Research and Development, Best Practice Institute

Our employees must reflect the changing demographics to meet the needs and expectations of a global economy. Establishing a diverse, talented and motivated workforce increases our ability to develop innovative solutions by embracing diversity of thoughts, opinions, backgrounds and styles. To ... Read More
Traditional talent management programs often fail because much essential infrastructure to support it is missing. (About 70 percent of all talent management programs fail in the first 3 years.) Accelerated talent management (ATM) is a planned approach to accelerating the success of talent managemen... Read More
Change is a process, not an event. The real challenge comes during implementation when changes in behavior are required to support the critical business goals. Desired behavioral shifts need to happen at the leadership, team and individual levels, such as increased personal accountability, more tran... Read More
Haig Nalbantian is Senior Partner and Founder/Leader of Mercer Workforce Sciences Institute Read More
Most organizations measure their people—what they think, how well they perform, how they interact. But what is the real impact of all this measurement? Sometimes very useful, but often not so useful. People measurement fails mainly when it is treated as a technical endeavor rather than an interact... Read More
Hear this dynamic three-time New York Times Bestselling Author, Roger Connors, talk about how to accelerate culture change within your organization and create a culture that ensures effective execution on business strategies essential to achieving the organizational results you need. Learn about the... Read More
Many organizations undertake initiatives to transform their culture. The fact is all organizations have a culture. The key question is does the culture support the desired mission and goals? Do employees' beliefs about the stated culture and the actual culture match up? Using the Four Principles for... Read More
Bev Kaye is author of Love 'Em or Lose 'Em Suzy Walther is the Global Head of Career Development at Bloomberg. Bev Kaye and Suzy Walther walk through the business case at Bloomberg for Career Development and the how the program was designed. Read More
Given the pressures of an increasing number of priorities, limited resources and exponential change in most organizations, organizations must get better at execution. Yet, the challenges of departmental silos, conflicting priorities and breakdowns in coordination between functions and levels in orga... Read More
Kevin McDonald is Vice President, Business Process Outsourcing Governance at The E.W. Scripps Company Read More

How to Build and Sustain a Winning Culture

By John Spence /Executive Consultant, Trainer and Author, John Spence LLC

Culture=Cash! During this information-intensive program, John Spence, one of America's top 100 business thought leaders, will explain why culture is one of the driving forces for creating a highly successful and profitable company. Through specific examples, tools, and techniques, John well clearly ... Read More
Brian Hults is Vice President Organization and People Development at Newell-Rubbermaid. Brian shares information on Newell-Rubbermaid's Learning Culture and Succession Planning. Read More
Transformational coaching and organizational accountability build a lasting high-performance organization. During this exclusive BPI online learning session, world renown developmental coach, Tom Crane will walk you through the steps of creating a high-performance coaching culture, and his successes... Read More
Learn how to assess and interrupt dysfunctional team behaviors that undermine productivity in cross-functional, virtual or co-located teams. Read More
Do you have consistent financial practices that are integrated into your various business functions throughout the globe? Procedures and practices ensure financial reporting is consistently applied and provide meaningful information even across multiple currencies and countries. With the Euro, t... Read More
Organization life is often experienced as a high stakes drama with different departments, divisions, teams, and leaders tugging at one another for resources, time, and money. Often the fight is presumed to be about personality differences, power struggles, and ineffective leadership. So we invest th... Read More

Measuring What Counts: Leadership Effectiveness

By Teresa Roche /Chief Learning Officer, Agilent Technologies, Inc.

In March 2005, Bill Sullivan became Agilent Technologies’ second CEO and declared that our strategic intent was to be the “world’s premier measurement company.” To shift the focus, he outlined a clear set of metrics related to our customers, markets, employees and shareholders and a critical... Read More
Not always getting the results you wanted or expected from others you work with? Today nobody can afford compromises of quality or timeliness. Maybe there is something YOU can do about it! Conversation by Design™ gives you the toolbox to maximize commitment agreements and the action followthroughs... Read More
The new economic environment has been described as “tough”; “catastrophic”; “devastating”; and “historic” among other things. It can also be described as a reset, a re-definition and therefore an opportunity for the strongest businesses to not only survive, but to prosper over the lo... Read More
In a COACHING CULTURE, all members of the culture courageously engage in candid, respectful coaching conversations, unrestricted by reporting relationships, about how they can improve their working relationships and individual and collective work performance. All have learned to value and effectivel... Read More
You will walk away from this webinar with a deeper insight into the reasons why major corporate change efforts fail to deliver their intended results. For those leaders and Human Resource executives who want to achieve greater organization success and have a greater return on their development inves... Read More
CHALLENGE YOUR THINKING ABOUT THE CURRENT ECONOMIC CRISIS with John Perkins, New York Times Best Selling Author of CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HITMAN THE HIT MEN STRIKE HOME What Next and How to Deal With It The current crisis is a classic hit by economic hit men (EHM) – except this time the... Read More
What is a coaching culture? In a COACHING CULTURE, all members of the culture courageously engage in candid, respectful coaching conversations, unrestricted by reporting relationships, about how they can improve their working relationships and individual and collective work performance. All have... Read More

Mobilize Talent

By Ralph Jacobson /President At The Leader's Toolbox, Inc.

-Break down organizational silos. -Improve organization performance. -Increase agility in the market. -Implement a new program/business model. Read More
Leadership presence is a powerful attribute of leadership. You can define it as the presence of authority imbued with a reason to believe. Leadership presence begins with communications but extends to every facet of leadership. As such it can be taught and put into practice. This webinar demonst... Read More

Tom McMillen Interview

By Louis Carter /CEO, BPI

In this exclusive interview with Tom McMillen, Chairman, CEO, and President of the Homeland Security Corporation, we learn about the Homeland Security Corporation and what it does, Tom McMillen's role and vision for HSC, RFID and Asset Management particulars, HSC's criteria for acquisition, what HSC... Read More