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Leadership Development

Leadership Development includes the compilation of activities or experiences that are provided to individuals to increase quality of leadership within an organization. This often focuses on specific organization leadership competencies, mentorship, coaching, use of assessments and business-prioritized simulations. The goal of these activities is to build decision-making and interpersonal that battle complexity.

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Microsoft Front Lines

By Shannon Banks /Prior HR Director, Microsoft Western Europe

At Microsoft, the top 4% of high potential leaders are selected to participate in Bench, a global leadership program that is designed to accelerate development. As part of Bench, senior executives participate in Front Lines, an award-winning action-learning experience linking learning directly to bu... Read More
While there may be widespread acceptance that ‘learning’ is, and will continue to be, a key differentiation between short and long term business success, there are few definitive answers as to HOW this learning can occur. new generation of employees and manage The unique learning styles and pref... Read More
When the first edition of The Leader of the Future was published, the stable and highly efficient hierarchies that had served the industrial era were rapidly becoming outdated.  Top-down technologies of control were being supplanted by web-like technologies of opportunity, which had the effect of d... Read More
This article, written by Marshall Goldsmith, Howard Morgan, and Marc Effron takes a look at the impact of co-workers and the impact of coaches through a review of research results in five major organizations.  The purpose of this article is to review their approaches and their levels of success in ... Read More
Action Learning Lab beginning June 2009 JOIN LAB NOW Request to join this Action Learning Lab to learn, share, and create Best Practices in Executive Coaching. This group will be composed of 8-12 of your peers from Fortune 500 companies, Universities, Government, and the Military. Eac... Read More
Peter Drucker has a great way with words. He distills meaningful concepts into short phrases more effectively than anyone I have ever met. I have had the privilege of being on the Board of the Drucker Foundation (and now the Leader to Leader Institute) for many years. At one of our early Drucker Fou... Read More
This article, written by Bill Hawkins and Lori Riordan, discusses how to become a skilled manager – not a manager of corporate “tenure”. Although, promotion of unskilled managers can occur in any organization regardless of size, age or stage in the life cycle, it most frequently occurs in star... Read More
We argue that leadership development is inevitably affected by on-the-job context. We define context as including the elements of a work and organizational setting that influence behavior. Especially important are those elements in the immediate work setting that are controlled by one’s supervisor... Read More
This article, written by Jodi Knox, discusses how action dialogue is the accumulation of parts – insights, ideas, observation, awareness, and so on – leading to shared understanding and committed action.  In the relentless effort to accomplish objectives and achieve results, the most common com... Read More
In this article, we suggest blending three essential organizational capabilities to maximize the impact of leaders: individual learning, organizational learning and delivering desired results.  To do so, Action Learning is taken to the organization level and enabled through information technology. ... Read More
Rapid-Cycle Design™ is a method of engaging line leaders in needs assessment and design of executive and leadership development programs that not only significantly increases senior line leaders’ understanding, acceptance and support of the solution by actively involving them in the process, but... Read More
It's easy for today's corporate leaders to become transfixed by the demands of short- term operations and lose sight of important happenings outside the walls of their business, outside the walls of their industry, and outside the walls of the United States. When this happens, however, tremendous op... Read More
To lead a needed change effort to fruition and the responsibility for leading this needed organizational change is squarely on the shoulders of the organization's leaders (Northouse, 2010). While everyone agrees that leadership is critical in an organizational change effort, the unfortunate truth is... Read More
As business becomes more and more global, many organizations are asking themselves if an effective leader in one country or region can duplicate her or his success on a worldwide level?For example, Lucia Mannone may have a proven track record in the southern European region, but is she still able to... Read More
The purpose of leadership development is to build leaders who know how to increase organization capability that delivers current and future earnings consistent with firm values.  In this article we argue that it is the job of leaders at all levels to create sustainable shareholder value and to be a... Read More
The Business Case for Executive Assessment: Why Assessment in Challenging Times Can Enhance Productivity and Be a Talent “Game Changer” By Linda Sharkey, Ph.D. Paul Eccher, Ph.D. Background: The “war for talent” is an often heard mantra of today’s CEOs. This issue was identified as ear... Read More
There is a natural process to growth and innovation.  It is displayed in the physical and evolutionary record, demonstrated by atomic and molecular structures, seen in the growth of the simplest creatures, detected in cultural advances, and found in business.  This article shows the natural proces... Read More
Sound bite: The purpose of leadership development is to build leaders who know how to increase organization capability that delivers current and future earnings consistent with firm values. In this chapter we argue that it is the job of leaders at all levels to create sustainable shareholder value a... Read More
If this were the Olympics, it would be obvious to all that you couldn’t become a champion without measuring results. In fact, the definition of a champion is "the one with the best results.” In the general business world the use of numbers and metrics is part of life.  CEO's, CFO's and sharehol... Read More

A Common Tool and Language

By Ralph Jacobson /President At The Leader's Toolbox, Inc.

This article, written by Ralph Jacobsen, describes how the majority of leadership development activities fail to significantly improve organization performance. This article reveals that it may be highly beneficial to shift the emphasis from developing individual leaders’ skills to developing shar... Read More
For Members in Europe, Middle East, and AsiaBEST PRACTICE BENCHMARKING SESSION WITH LOUIS CARTER, CEO, BEST PRACTICE INSTITUTE Best Practice Benchmarking is the core of Best Practice Institute's work. During this session you will meet fellow BPI active learning group members, share and learn about e... Read More

New Social Network Promises

By Louis Carter /CEO, BPI

Skillrater.com, an online social network that went live this week, makes it easy for members to request work performance ratings from overseers, co-workers and direct reports across a domestic and global workforce. “This is the future of 360-degree assessment and social learning,” said the netwo... Read More

Top Five Do's and Don'ts of Talent Development

By Brian Fishel /SVP Talent Management, Key Bank

Whether in times of boom or bust, finding effective leaders to fill management roles is always a priority.  In the current business climate, the combination of an unpredictable market and a workforce culture that values company loyalty and longevity far less than it used to makes effective leadersh... Read More

The Top Five Dos and Don'ts of Talent Development

By Brian Fishel /SVP Talent Management, Key Bank

Whether in times of boom or bust, finding effective leaders to fill management roles is always a priority.  In the current business climate, the combination of an unpredictable market and a workforce culture that values company loyalty and longevity far less than it used to makes effective leadersh... Read More

Case Studies

Early Career Experience: How BD Develops Global, Customer-Focused Leaders

By Edward Franzone /Senior Director of Worldwide Learning and Development, BD

The Early Career Experience is designed to accelerate the career development and networking of its members. As a result of completing this program, we wanted participants to (1) gain an understanding of BD's varied businesses; (2) build a personal network that crosses BD's worldwide businesses, func... Read More

Scripps: Integrated Talent Management

By Robyn M. Hildal /Vice President, Talent and Diversity, The E. W. Scripps Company

Over the years, Scripps existed as a series of small businesses charged with serving the needs of their local markets.  With this charge came autonomy resulting in each small business addressing its mission in various unique ways as was the case with the way employees were managed.  Generally, Scr... Read More

Home Depot: Developing Front-Line Leaders

By Leslie Young /Vice President, Talent and Diversity, The E. W. Scripps Company

Strong leaders are the foundation of success at The Home Depot, the world’s largest home improvement retailer.  Employing over 350,000 associates across more than 2,100 stores, The Home Depot has a tremendous need for developing leaders at all levels-from department supervisor to vice president. ... Read More
This case is a summary of A. O. Smith Corporation’s journey towards aligning and developing talent within a global business environment.  All salaried employees participate in the core talent management process – performance management.  This includes goal alignment, skills assessment(s) and i... Read More

FedEx: Executive Development

By Becky Atkeison /Mgr., Executive Development, FedEx Corporation

As a company with a long standing history of promoting from within, FedEx continues to place great emphasis on ensuring the development of future leaders – and, with good reason.  Some 90% of Officer-level hires are internal, meaning that the company needs to prepare individuals to be ready for w... Read More
This article outlines an integrated leadership development system based on leadership competencies that leverages assessment and a worldwide, high-potential development program as the cornerstone for developing future top leaders.In this article you will find:•    Company Description•    T... Read More

Imasco Limited: Action Learning

By Jay A. Conger /Henry R. Kravis Research Chair in Leadership Studies

This article outlines an action learning-based program that is designed to develop the strategic thinking capabilities of senior and middle management.

Read More
Reflections on seven critical areas of their leadership development systems including: 1. Competitive and Strategic Business Challenges, 2. Leadership Competencies, 3. Most Impactful Key Features of Leadership Training, 4. Critical Success Factors, 5. Evaluation Methods, 6. Money Budgeted for Leader... Read More
This article outlines a strategic initiative based on assessment, action learning, and coaching that is designed to develop and sustain a global leadership culture.This article includes, but is not limited to, the following steps:•    Building the Business Case for Leadership Development•  ... Read More
This article outlines a competency-based leadership development system for the first line, middle, and senior-level managers that is designed to develop a leadership pipeline.In this article you will find:•    Company Description•    Building a Business Case for Leadership Development• ... Read More
This article is a change management process for creating and implementing a distinctive firm brand and fostering a unique employer-of-choice culture while driving performance, accountability and innovation to higher levels.  Initiative leverages executive strategic planning and alignment, leadershi... Read More
This leadership development case study describes the innovative approach used by First Consulting Group to design and implement a unique skill, knowledge personal growth program for the Firm’s mid and senior level executives. First Consulting Group is an acknowledged market leader in providing inf... Read More
This case study outlines a self-assessment, personal change-based program that is designed to develop managers within this merged healthcare organization.In this case study, you will find:•    Building the Business Case•    Best Practice Study•    Assessment and Development Planning... Read More
A global leadership development program that leverages 360-degree feedback, action learning, and one-on-one coaching to drive change in the business and develop a global leadership pipeline.This article illustrates a highly integrated organizational intervention developed to grow leadership talent a... Read More
This article outlines a "just-in-time" transition to a cross-functional team structure, bolstered by action learning, exposure to senior executives, and team leader rotation, in order to make dramatic improvements in the efficiency of the operations department. In this article you will find: Objecti... Read More

McDonald's: Leadership Development

By James Intagliata /BPI Expert

This case study describes a leadership development program designed specifically to help participants prepare for success in meeting the increased challenges and demands of one of the roles most critical to success of the business.

Read More

A coaching and mentoring program leveraging 360-degree assessment, individual coaching, follow-up surveys, and customized coaching workshops that is designed for the follow-on support and development stages of the leadership development system at MediaOne.

Read More
This article outlines a leadership competency-based process of nomination, individual assessment, development planning, and ongoing coaching support to improve leadership development and bench strength in the increasingly competitive utilities marketplace.In this article you will find:•    Impl... Read More
This article outlines a competency-based leadership development system that leverages external coaching, 360-degree feedback, and individual development planning for all managers in the organization within the rapidly changing industry of information technology.In this article you will find:•  ... Read More

SmithKline Beecham:Assessment-driven Program

By Lou Manzi /One Franklin Plaza, GSK

This article outlines a personal change and assessment-driven program that is designed for leadership development and succession planning in a post-merger environment.In this article you will find:•    Creating a Team to Design the Leadership Development Planning Process•    Data Gathering... Read More
An integrated leadership development and succession planning system designed for executives that leverage 360-degree feedback, a leadership skill/competency model, and individual development planning.This chapter introduces the framework, processes, and tools currently used at Sun Microsystems, Inc.... Read More

This model portrays Honeywell Aerospace’s plan to change the company (DNA) at all levels.  It includes the model for changing the DNA at All Levels and all relevant information.

Read More
A 360° assessment-based leadership development initiative for leaders at all levels of the organization, designed to work in conjunction with the organization’s human resource strategic plan and performance management process. Introduction/Background AlliedSignal is an advanced technology and m... Read More

A strategic results and personal change initiative that is designed to prepare the organization for a changing environment within the health care industry by developing the competencies of and retaining high potential leaders.

Read More
A technical/operational, assessment, and strategic-based leadership development program designed to develop high potential civilian employees and military officers in a changing environment.Leaders and managers must know the skills of leading and managing, but most importantly, they must know their ... Read More
Enhancing the Talent Management System to Support McDonald’s Global GrowthSince 2001 McDonald’s has introduced a series of significant changes to its HR systems to strengthen the organization’s capability to develop the quantity and quality of leadership talent needed to support its continued ... Read More

United States Army War College

By George Reed /Associate Professor at University on San Diego

United States Army War CollegeThis leadership development case study describes the approach used by the United States Army War College to prepare selected high potential military and civilian leaders for duties of increased responsibility at the strategic level. The Army War College has an internati... Read More
The "war for talent" is an often heard mantra of today's CEO's. This issue was identified as early at 1997 when McKinsey conducted War for Talent research. They cited that there would be an "imminent shortage of executives". It seems as if this perspective has borne itself out. It is hard to pick up... Read More
Critical to the success of an organization is having a steady supply of leaders with the right skills in the right jobs. Facing the possibility of a number of retirements across all levels of leadership, Southern Company has developed robust succession planning and leadership development processes t... Read More
A leadership development program designed to broaden identified successors to executive positions and prepare individuals for a variety of new assignments while delivering solutions to top management through action learning and personal development.The Executive Development Program (EDP) was establi... Read More

National Grid's Foundations of Leadership Overview

By Shandy Arroyo /Leadership, Talent & Change Specialist, National Grid

In 2009, National Grid’s Professional Learning & Development department (L&D) launched Foundations of Leadership (FoL) to their largest audience of leaders - the nearly 3,000 first level leaders who are charged with driving change from the front line. FoL’s six-unit curriculum taught ove... Read More
This case study describes the design of a comprehensive, multi-module leadership development program that was created to anchor an evolving talent management strategy.BNY Mellon Asset Management is the umbrella organization for BNY Mellon’s investment management firms, with over $1 trillion in ... Read More
This case study introduces the systematic process and tools that are currently used to develop leaders in the Colorado region at Kaiser Permanente. This process and tools, specific to Colorado, were built upon the national review process. Using the national review and the Colorado systematic process... Read More
A summary of the design and implementation of a corporate-wide executive coaching program for high-performing and high potential senior leaders at Agilent Technologies. APEX features a customized 360° feedback leadership profile, an international network of external coaches, and a “pay for result... Read More

Corning Inc.: Creating The Next Generation Of Innovation Leaders

By Richard O'Leary /Corporate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Hopkins Manufacturing

Corning has established a leadership position in glass and ceramics based on a commitment and ability to out-innovate the competition. The company has had a devotion to R&D investment and the delivery of value through applied science since its very origins 157 years ago. In the past decade the c... Read More

McDonald's: Performance Development, Succession Planning, and Leadership Development

By /Corporate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Hopkins Manufacturing

This chapter describes five separate initiatives that have been introduced in the past eight years to strengthen the areas of performance development, succession planning, and leadership development. For each initiative we describe how and why the changes were introduced, how they have been refined,... Read More
This case study describes a global high-impact leadership development intervention with real business impact that is achieved through a robust diagnostic and assessment process, GE values, the three lenses of leadership, storytelling, futuring, uncovering of peak performance, systems thinking, and f... Read More
This case study describes the dynamic transformation process of HP sanctioned by the CEO in which over 8,000 managers throughout the world were developed through key principles of accelerating high performance and alignment and executing with accountability.  The program’s most successful key fea... Read More
The following case study will examine the path of Honeywell’s successful Aerospace business in leveraging Six Sigma as the core productivity strategy that will fuel its aggressive growth plans.  It examines how Honeywell has successfully evolved Six Sigma from a process improvement initiative to ... Read More
This case study describes the systematic approach employed by Intel Corporation’s Fab 12 Organization Development Team (ODT) to successfully launch and innovative, nontraditional way of developing leaders. 1 The ODT works at the manufacturing-site level (not corporate), responding to specific ch... Read More
The opportunity for ongoing learning and development is a commitment Microsoft makes to all employees. Microsoft invests more than $375 million annually in formal education programs directed at the employee, manager, and leader that are offered by the Corporate Learning and Development groups and ot... Read More
This chapter describes the talent management framework, models, and approach implemented by Ecolab, Inc. for building their leadership bench strength to support growth in their business. Ecolab’s approach is based on implementing leadership development systems that promote individual action planni... Read More
This case study includes MIT’s method for developing the higher-level skills to create and sustain a self-perpetuating learning organization through mental models, systems thinking, personal and organizational visioning, and several other best practice organizational learning exercises and tools t... Read More
This case study describes how this hospital and health network implemented a leadership development program that achieved breakthrough results in patient satisfaction, improved quality of care, overall service, efficiency, and top status in the industry through a series of quality improvement initia... Read More
This model portrays the First Consulting Group’s Nomination and Selection Process.  Initially the critical step in the design process was the education of the Executive Committee regarding issues associated with the implementation of such a program and to obtain their commitment and ownership for... Read More

This model portrays an example of First Consulting Groups Leadership First Nomination Form.  It includes an example of the form and relevant information.

Read More

This model portrays a sample agenda for GE Capital’s Executive Leadership Development Symposium (ELDS). It includes a sample agenda and relevant information.

Read More

This model portrays the additional questionnaire GE Capital used in its Executive Leadership Development Symposium (ELDS) for Personal Challenges.  It includes a blank sample of additional questions for the questionnaire and relevant information.

Read More

This model portrays the questionnaire GE Capital used in its Executive Leadership Development Symposium (ELDS) for Organizational Challenges.  It includes a blank sample questionnaire and relevant information.

Read More

This model portrays the questionnaire GE Capital used in its Executive Leadership Development Symposium (ELDS) for Personal Challenges.  It includes a blank sample questionnaire and relevant information.

Read More


Comparison of Performance Management Vendors

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

The following is a survey of tools that enable the employee feedback that supports performance appraisals. The intent is to identify and measure those tools that compete directly with Skillrater. I have found that the “big” tools serve Human Resources and Human Capital Management in extensivel... Read More

Matching Analytics to HR’s Chief Goals

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

Almost every aspect of workforce management and top talent identification is viewed as a “high” or “very high” in terms of importance by the HR professionals in our survey. This shows that analytics has the potential to impact talent management at every level but may also signify that anal... Read More
When business dictates the next step is stretching outside the U.S., organizations must tread with care. While the company may have a domestic talent strategy, there is much to consider when looking for overseas talent. Each country has its own unique set of challenges, from how to obtain and tr... Read More


By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

Continued global commercial volatility and unpredictability means talent strategies are constantly evolving. Talent scarcity remains a pressing concerns for most HR principles in 2016 and this is being reflected by a heavy strategic focus on talent sourcing and retention. Surprisingly, in a ... Read More

Most Loved Workplace Research

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

A new study from Best Practice Institute in partnership with CSI has revealed some surprising results. In a global survey of over 150 employees from Fortune 1000 companies, we’ve shown that employees who love their workplace are up to 4 times more likely to perform at a higher level than those wh... Read More
We created a research study that addresses the following areas: 1. Talent and Succession Management 2. Performance Management 3. Leadership Development 4. Global Change You and your organization will likely get the most from this study if you work with a team in selecting ... Read More
To provide additional context for the practices presented in this book, we asked each contributor to complete a survey to gain a more comprehensive view of their organizational change and leadership development program. The survey was comprised of six themed sections: 1.) business diagnosis (includi... Read More

Integrated Talent Management Trends and Findings

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

To provide additional context for the case studies presented in this research, we asked our contributors and other organizations to reflect on their practices and processes in an online survey. Areas covered by the survey include: 1) company and initiative background, 2) budget for ITM, 3) top areas... Read More
The Best Practice Institute (BPI) is a community of leaders dedicated to pioneering and sharing best practices. The Senior Executive Board listed the four most important operations within their respective organizations human resource (HR) departments. In an ordered process, these were the board memb... Read More
Reflections on practices and processes including: 1) company and initiative background, 2) budget for leadership development, 3) top competencies for program design, 4) critical success factors for GLD programs, 5) factors for developing high-­?potentials. Read More
BPI’s definition of Best Practices BPI’s definition of best practices is a program, intervention, and/or organization system that achieves sustainable positive results over time through diagnostic, assessment, design, implementation, continuous support, and evaluation phases. Description of Four... Read More

Quality Leadership Development

By Louis Carter /CEO, BPI

When faced with a crisis that threatened everything they stood for, 600 people from across the country representing all functions and levels of this organization came together to share their concerns and hopes for the future. As they listened to each other, participants quickly recognized how import... Read More

Best Practices in Talent Management

By Louis Carter /CEO, BPI

Best Practice case studies in talent management from Microsoft, IRS, SouthernCompany, Corning, Whirlpool, GE, Kaiser Permanente, Ecolab, Bank of America and more will share trends and findings from Best Practice Institute's latest best practices research study in Talent Management. Full PowerPoint ... Read More
https://bestpracticeinstitute.org/members/doc/Front.pdf... Read More

Live Webinars

Why does life today seem so complex for many people, even retirees? Find out what it takes to keep complexity at bay, and to enjoy more time and more moments throughout the day. Join Jeff Davidson who holds the registered trademark "The Work-life Balance Expert" from the United States Patent and ... Read More
Learn how to quickly and easily bust through ruts, get into high gear, experience more of what you want, and take charge of your day. Join Jeff Davidson who holds the registered trademark "The Work-life Balance Expert" from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and travels throughout the U.... Read More

On Demand Webinars

Leadership During Crisis

By Martha Johnson /White House Office's Office of Presidential Personnel, Clinton-Gore Administration and Former Administrator, GSA

Inspired by first hand accounts and interviews with leaders throughout the public and private sector, leadership expert Harry Hutson and for GSA Adminstrator Martha Johnson examined leaders effected by tramautic events such as 9/11, the Oklahoma City & Boston bombings, Hurricane Katrina, hostile tak... Read More

Next Generation Leaders

By Scott Baxt /Chief Marketing Officer, BPI

According to the US Census Bureau, Millennials (born between 1982 and 2000) now outnumber baby boomers, reflecting a more diverse population in the United States (44.2% represent a minority race or ethnic group). By 2025, Millennials are expected to make up 75% of the global workforce (Deloitte, 201... Read More
How do companies align talent strategies on a global level? 1. Workforce Planning 2. Leadership Development Strategy 3. Compensation 4. Technology to support them 5. Talent Mobility (to allow for emerging market leaders to bring them to developed countries and then back to their home country) Read More

Benchmark-It Webinar: Leadership Development

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

How does your organization define Leadership effectiveness and segment leadership behaviors that matter? What is the stand out criteria used to differentiate leaders talent profiles/cards? What is your leadership story (events, behaviors and perspectives that define who you are) and how does it alig... Read More

Benchmark-It Webinar: Global Talent Strategy

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

Strong global talent strategies are led by principles and driven by purpose. They reflect changing external realities, and highlight strengths in acquisition, retention, engagement, leadership development and succession. Join our BPI Expert panelists in learning and sharing the many stages of develo... Read More
Most organizations focus on leadership and management development competencies when building their leadership development and HR programs. A majority of leaders and managers agree that technical skills are one of the most important aspects of excelling and succeeding within an organization. Some of ... Read More

Intentional Leadership

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

Join us in sharing intentional leadership practices, communication and accountability strategies. Read More

BD's Early Career Experience Program

By Edward Franzone /Senior Director of Worldwide Learning and Development, BD

Ed Franzone, former Senior Director of Worldwide Learning and Development at BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) will present the design, implementation and outcomes of an innovative program designed to accelerate the development of BD’s early career high-potential population. Read More

High Potential Programs

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

This benchmarking session will focus on all aspects of High Potential Leadership Development Programs in Senior Executive Board Organizations including: 1. Key differentiators in high potential talent programs including job fit, engagement and retention, 2. Measurement of the impact of your high ... Read More

Benchmarking Best of Best Practices

By Louis Carter /CEO, BPI

Best Practice benchmarking is a critical first step toward developing and designing a leading edge program, system, or intervention within your organization. Before you venture out on your own to diagnose your own system, or if you have already begun designing, it is sage advice to look externally t... Read More

Fast Action Learning Circle: Action Benchmarking on Leadership Development and Talent Management

By Christi O'Neill /Vice President of Research and Development, Best Practice Institute

We will share BPI's best practices research and case studies in talent management, as well as discover the leading trends and next practices in the field. Participants and BPI will share innovations in leadership development and their usage inside of organizations. The session material is based on t... Read More

Defining “High Potential”

By Sue Hale /Vice President, Leadership Development, Hilton Worldwide

Hilton Worldwide is providing an opportunity to share and learn about the definition of "high potential" leaders. This benchmark-it session will allow for alignment around business and HR language to provide a singular response in regards to a "high potential" leader. Read More

The Evolution of the People Development Strategy at H.J. Heinz

By Kimberly Janson /CEO, Janson Associates and Author of Demystifying Talent Management

Kim Janson, Vice President of Global Leadership and Organization Development at H.J. Heinz will present the business need, design, and implementation of programs and practices that support the people development strategy at H.J. Heinz. Her effective approach to implementation is an excellent example... Read More

Board Benchmark-It with Leslie Joyce, CPO: Leapfrogging P&L Succession at Novelis

By Leslie Joyce /EVP and Chief People Officer at Exide Technologies

Novelis has a robust long-term succession planning process that is paired with a comprehensive internal global executive development program. Join Leslie Joyce, Chief People Officer of Novelis, to learn the strengths of her global leadership cadre opportunities and share what you and your organizati... Read More

Women’s Leadership Development at McDonald’s Restaurants (UK)

By Michele Ryan /EVP and Chief People Officer at Exide Technologies

Michele Ryan, HR Director at McDonald’s Restaurants (UK), will present the business need, design, and implementation of programs and practices that support women's leadership development at McDonald's (UK). Michele and her team have an effective, evolving approach to both talent and implementation... Read More
Virgil Smith, Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Diversity at Gannett will present the business need, design, and implementation of programs and practices that support leadership bench growth at Gannett. His effective approach to implementation is an excellent example of how to achieve a goal ... Read More
Join Louis Carter and Christi O'Neill as they reveal the best and next practices of 2013, based on BPI research and conversations. Learn what organizations are doing to promote transparency through talent programs and data planning. Engage and share your talent challenges and success stories! Read More
Donnell Green, Managing Director of Talent Management and Executive Development at BlackRock will present the business need, design, and implementation of programs and practices that support and empower women at BlackRock. Her effective approach to implementation is an excellent example of how to ac... Read More
Join Dan and Pam as they present on Monsanto's Leadership Agility Platform and approach! Together, they will share best practice elements and stories from their leadership development platform, describe the four agility types focused on and explain how they utilize a Matrix structure to enhance inno... Read More

An Integrated Approach to Driving Diversity at Rockwell Collins

By Christi O'Neill /Vice President of Research and Development, Best Practice Institute

Our employees must reflect the changing demographics to meet the needs and expectations of a global economy. Establishing a diverse, talented and motivated workforce increases our ability to develop innovative solutions by embracing diversity of thoughts, opinions, backgrounds and styles. To ... Read More
Imagine for a moment a business environment where Talent Management not only had a surplus of budget resources but that you also had the unwavering public support of managers and executives. You should know that not every HR function struggles for support and not all have to continually operate in a... Read More

SEB: Leaders in Transition: Program at PepsiCo

By Ernesto Sanchez /Vice President of Research and Development, Best Practice Institute

Ernesto Sanchez is Sr. Director of Global Leadership Development at PepsiCo University. Read More
Transformational change is critical to organizations operating in a polyphonic global economy. Making it happen is a complex process, and seldom meets expectations. This webinar will help resolve complexities and lead to your company’s transformation meeting expectations. John Nelson of BT+L ... Read More

SEB: BenchMark-It Session with Dottie Brienza (Topic: Key Talent Pools)

By Dottie Brienza /VP/ Global Head of Organizational Performance, Bristol Myers Squibb

What key talent pools are critical to establish and manage at an enterprise level (i.e. owned by the EC), and what best practices should be enabled for each pool (eg. assessment, development, movement, compensation, succession) in order to best accelerate a robust leadership pipeline? Dottie Brie... Read More

Demonstration of BPIWorld

By Louis Carter /CEO, BPI

We will demonstrate the key features of the BPIworld social learning platform. At the end of the webinar, we will hold a question and answer period. Read More
A leader can be very successful in delivering business results and getting promoted while working in his/her home country. But when it comes to doing business across cultures and geography with global colleagues and customers, leaders often find it challenging to effectively influence people to get ... Read More

Hilton's Global Leadership Development Program

By Sue Hale /Vice President, Leadership Development, Hilton Worldwide

Hilton's leadership development programs have been in place for a number of years and are regarded as being amongst the best in the hospitality industry, with rigorous selection criteria, senior executive involvement and structured development journeys. As Hilton takes on new challenges they must c... Read More

The New Leader's Playbook

By George Bradt /Executive onboarding expert - helps new leaders and teams deliver Better Results Faster

Leadership transitions are some of the toughest challenges people face – professionally and personally. Nearly half of new leaders fail in their first 18 months. Often, those failures are the result of crucial mistakes made in the very beginning that can be devastating for organizations and leader... Read More
Performance Management continues to be universally of the most challenging activities, with many companies losing a whole quarter of productivity at review time. The emphasis continues to be on technology and measurement solutions, instead of tackling the challenge where it is hardest: changing the ... Read More

10 Steps to Prevent Change from Failing

By Tara Powers /CEO, Author, Speaker, Talent Management Strategist and Consultant, Powers Resource Center, LLC

Change is inevitable and necessary for growth. All companies undergo changes unique to their business – whether it’s a merger, an acquisition, downsizing, restructuring – or even simply new leadership - change happens. Is your organization about to embark on a change that will have a signif... Read More
Organizational overload is a problem confronting people across all industries and sectors. People have too much to do and too few resources to accomplish it. The problem is overwhelming managers' abilities to sustain focus on strategic priorities and drive key organizational changes. In this session... Read More
Never before has there been more of a need to understand, embody, and embrace the core principles of true Leadership. Global strategist, international consultant, and bestselling author Chad Robert Stewart has traveled the world working with CEOs, Directors, and Executives from Fortune 500 companies... Read More
How do you find growth in new markets? How do you beat your competition and lead? As the world becomes more dependent on technology, and as trade borders become seamless, companies need to acquire the tools and skills necessary on how to compete, innovate and succeed in the global market. The webina... Read More
Recent surveys continue to show levels of job satisfaction and employee engagement to be at record lows. This is a crisis for business and individuals alike. Based on his NY Times bestseller, We: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement, Kevin Kruse presents conclusions from s... Read More
Just about everyone has jumped on the social media bandwagon. Companies are falling over themselves to engage customers and stakeholders in social media spaces, for fear of missing out on the social media “revolution.” Indeed, marketing and PR have been permanently changed by social media. Tradi... Read More
Change is a process, not an event. The real challenge comes during implementation when changes in behavior are required to support the critical business goals. Desired behavioral shifts need to happen at the leadership, team and individual levels, such as increased personal accountability, more tran... Read More
We’ve all heard the stories of superstars who flame out too quickly. We’ve seen high performing managers whose careers are derailed somewhere along the way. Identifying potential derailers and taking action can maximize your investments in leaders and reduce the cost of a leadership mismatch. Th... Read More
Keeping in mind the current challenges being faced in the Middle East as well as the local ideal form of leadership, leadership development efforts in the Middle East must take into account critical differentiators from other global contexts. While Atif mentions the similarities, he states that the ... Read More
Over the past several years, the global economy has sunk into recession, the financial services industry has experienced extreme challenges, and Bank of America is reshaping itself to meet new economic realities. Much has changed since the Crack the Code recommendations were presented yet implementa... Read More
These days, we’re all joint problem-solvers. But we’ve all seen problems that could have—and should have—worked out, but didn’t because conversations about them turned negative or broke down. The original problems were not beyond repair, but the damning judgments, hurt reputations, and bro... Read More
Haig Nalbantian is Senior Partner and Founder/Leader of Mercer Workforce Sciences Institute Read More

Recognizing and Leveraging Team Strengths for Peak Performance

By Tara Powers /CEO, Author, Speaker, Talent Management Strategist and Consultant, Powers Resource Center, LLC

Successful team members don’t do the same thing at the same time. They do the right thing at the right time. And while team members work together toward a common goal, individuals still must play their separate parts in the process. As organizations rely more and more on teams to innovate, problem... Read More
In this webinar, Andy will show how the combination of high trust, strong leadership and expert collaboration directly links to outstanding business performance. He will cover the three important factors on which people base their trust. Andy also will share best practices in building trust--- inclu... Read More
The Combat Mindset webinar is a summary of Mann’s Combat Mindset speech which is an empowering messages that encourage others to reach higher as well as building leadership, honor and integrity. Through his entertaining stories which come from his experiences in adventure sports and in the Navy SE... Read More

How to Become an Ideal Leader

By John Spence /Executive Consultant, Trainer and Author, John Spence LLC

The session will look at the new trends in what high-performance employees look for in an “Ideal Leader.” Based on John Spence’s work as a leadership instructor and coach to firms such as Microsoft, Qualcomm, Abbott Labs, Merrill Lynch, and several other Fortune 500 firms and a recent Global L... Read More
David DeFilippo is Chief Learning Officer at Bank of New York Mellon. BNY Mellon Asset Management’s leadership development work has garnered external recognition. The Program has been recognized as one of the Top 15 Leadership Programs by Leadership Excellence magazine in 2011 and was previous... Read More
A. O. Smith Corporation is one of the world' s leading manufacturers of residential and commercial water heating equipment. Located in Europe, China, North America, and India they have streamlined their Leadership Development Competencies and Content to match the culture of the organization. Program... Read More
Having the right kind of leaders to help you drive global growth is essential to beat the competition. But what do great global leaders do that sets them apart? We have all witnessed situations where having the wrong leader in global environments has led to real business disasters. Join this webinar... Read More
David Ulrich and Norm Smallwood are Partners at The RBL Group Read More
Sustainability is not a problem to be solved. It is a future to be created. True leadership is about cultivating the collective capacity so that people shape futures they truly desire. In this webinar, Peter Senge will offer insights and practical methods for leaders across sectors who are seeking t... Read More
Leaders at all levels today are busy – often times, too busy to develop their leadership skills. And in this challenging business climate, companies aren’t spending as much on leadership development. What’s a leader to do? How can you break through and take your own leadership game to the next... Read More

How to Use Collaborative Goal Setting and Develop a Performance Feedback Process

By Tara Powers /CEO, Author, Speaker, Talent Management Strategist and Consultant, Powers Resource Center, LLC

Two of the most important things a new leader should do well, is work collaboratively with their team to define and set performance goals and provide consistent, clear feedback that has a positive impact on performance. When these two things are done effectively, you can expect to see engaged employ... Read More
GE’s former boss, Jack Welch, once said, “The Jack Welch of the future cannot be like me”. Leaders at all levels are now being called on to work in new and different ways, particularly during these tough economic times. This highly interactive webinar will help leaders: challenge their assumpt... Read More
This series will introduce you to both benchmarking tools. They are free downloadable tools designed to help organizations determine strategy and measure progress in (1) managing diversity and fostering inclusion, and (2) fostering ethics and integrity in your organization. Both tools are based on i... Read More
Words and phrases have meanings. For example: leadership development, talent management, high potential talent, coaching and mentoring, and many others. This webinar will focus like a laser on Marshall Goldsmith's stakeholder centered coaching process. Internal and external coaches have been trained... Read More

Creating a Mentoring Culture: What Leaders Need to Know and Do

By Lois Zachary /BPI Expert, Leadership Development Services, LLC

In this webinar, Lois Zachary makes the case for creating a mentoring culture to support individual and organizational mentoring programs and initiatives. The webinar fast tracks participants through the process of creating a vibrant mentoring culture, beginning with creating a shared vision, organi... Read More
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is a world authority in helping successful leaders achieve positive, lasting change in behavior. In this fast-paced, interactive session, he will build upon three independent research studies to illustrate why the key to effective leadership development is the leader – not t... Read More

The Top 10 Secrets for Emerging Leader Success

By Tara Powers /CEO, Author, Speaker, Talent Management Strategist and Consultant, Powers Resource Center, LLC

It’s not easy stepping up into a leadership role. It takes mindset, understanding, commitment, and a whole new set of skills. Today’s new leaders are required to accelerate their success faster and quickly gain the respect of their teams and peers. This session will focus on the most important t... Read More
Did you ever have a conversation or interaction that went badly? Did you leave a meeting and regret that you didn’t say what you really felt or said something you did regret saying? Have you played back in your head a discussion over and over again? Have you had difficult giving frank, candid feed... Read More
Every workplace generates chronic conflicts, yet few organizations have examined their "conflict cultures" to see how their conflicts get sparked, escalated, and reinforced. Fewer still have conducted "conflict audits" to discover where these streams of conflict come from, or designed multi-layered,... Read More
Valerie Norton is VP of Talent Management and Acquisition at Broadridge Financial. Valerie shares strategies and models to build culture and leadership to drive growth. Read More
Based on extensive contributions from 79 Expert Panelists around the world, this online research presentation and learning session along with a new diversity and inclusion model, illustrates what excellent diversity and inclusion work looks like today. Alan has researched and compiled twelve categor... Read More

The Leader's Journey: From Mindset to Impact

By Tara Powers /CEO, Author, Speaker, Talent Management Strategist and Consultant, Powers Resource Center, LLC

Do you react to life’s situations or take the lead? Do you take responsibility or place blame? The answer to these questions will directly determine the impact you have on others, in your business and life! When you can effectively take the lead in any situation, you can empower and influence o... Read More
Facing a range of complex worldwide issues, from increasing competition to political and economic turmoil and climate change, Monsanto has taken a global approach to developing leaders with the new capacities and skills needed to be successful in this turbulent environment. To this end, the company ... Read More
In this interactive, engaging presentation, the presenter will help convert the impressive ideas in the Fifth Discipline into a few easy to use tools that will also illustrate two key tenets of Systems Thinking - discipline and curiosity. The tools will include, “The Context Awareness Hierarchy,... Read More
Given the pressures of an increasing number of priorities, limited resources and exponential change in most organizations, organizations must get better at execution. Yet, the challenges of departmental silos, conflicting priorities and breakdowns in coordination between functions and levels in orga... Read More

Benchmark Research on Global Talent Deployment and International Assignments

By Patrick Carmichael /Author, Creating the Accountable Organization

Become a part of a groundbreaking Study that seeks to identify the strategic outlook of global organizations on expatriate/international assignments and their role in organization development and global talent management. The study strategy includes literature reviews, personal interviews, categoriz... Read More
Becky Atkeison is Staff Director, Executive Development/HR Initiatives at FedEx Corporation. Learn about FedEx's Leadership Development Program. Read More
The world of work at the dawn of the new decade is one where leaders are functioning in an increasingly complex, diverse and dispersed business environment. It’s an environment marked by economic upheaval, global competition and global collaboration, breakneck technological advances and multiple w... Read More
In the business world constant “change” is inevitable and many organizations are finding themselves unprepared to implement the transformation required to address what’s becoming the greatest challenge facing industries worldwide. This element of “change” impacts every aspect of the organi... Read More
Brian Hults is Vice President Organization and People Development at Newell-Rubbermaid. Brian shares information on Newell-Rubbermaid's Learning Culture and Succession Planning. Read More
In this webinar, Bill Joiner will draw on his extensive research on this topic and three decades of work with organizations to discuss what leaders and leadership development professionals can do to increase their own agility and that of their people and their organizations. Increasingly, line an... Read More
These are tough times for top executive teams who are faced with a new series of challenges and paradoxes that require new mindsets and thinking about driving success. Top Teams carry with them tremendous Collective Intelligence in their deep, operating experience, and the ability to exert significa... Read More
Global organizations face complexity in the dynamics of multiplicity, interdependence, ambiguity, and flux. These forces are driving an increased need for global leaders who possess new competencies that enable them to respond and lead effectively. Many global organizations are finding that their su... Read More
JP Elliott, PhD. is Director of Global Leadership Development at Lenovo. JP shares coaching practices and strategies for a global organization. Read More
Leaders at all levels today are busy – oftentimes, too busy to develop their leadership skills. And in this challenging business climate, companies aren’t spending as much on leadership development. What’s a leader to do? How can you break through and take your own leadership game to the next ... Read More
Transformational coaching and organizational accountability build a lasting high-performance organization. During this exclusive BPI online learning session, world renown developmental coach, Tom Crane will walk you through the steps of creating a high-performance coaching culture, and his successes... Read More
The Learning Experiences Across Disciplines (LEAD) program was designed to help leaders provide continuous learning opportunities and develop leaders at all levels within one of the world's largest civilian intelligence agencies. You will learn the details of the LEAD program - and specifically how ... Read More
New social technologies are popping up every day to allow us to connect and communicate in new ways. At the core, sites like Facebook are transforming the nature of relationships -- and with that, what it means to be a leader. That's because leadership has long been built on the concept of control -... Read More
HR and organizational development professionals today feel more pressure for producing strategic, versus operational, results than ever before. It's a difficult spot to be in as CEOs emerge from the recession asking the tough questions: •Where are all the new leaders we should be getting from our... Read More
Retention and integration of training and development programs is an ongoing issue, as the well-crafted design and agenda have to withstand the heat and friction of re-entry into the day-to-day demands of the work atmosphere. And if you are looking for innovation and a shift in culture, you need pow... Read More
Does past performance predict future performance? Not really. When using behavioral interviewing, many complain they don’t end up hiring for fit, why? Yet, they are following the process and asking what seems to them to be behavioral questions. We know that behavioral interviewing should work. We ... Read More
Change capacity. Every organization needs it, yet isn’t necessarily getting it without considerable leadership talent turnover. Change leaders. Can we develop more or do we have to bring them in from the outside? And either way, why is it that those who lead high impact change quite often leave th... Read More
Leaders at all levels today are busy – often times, too busy to develop their leadership skills. And in this challenging business climate, companies aren’t spending as much on leadership development. What’s a leader to do? How can you break through and take your own leadership game to the next... Read More

Doubling Down to Build Bench Strength

By Alec Levenson /Center for Effective Organizations (CEO), University of Southern California

Dr. Levenson will share the results of research and practice working with leading companies on an emerging area of competitive advantage. The challenges and rewards of building general management bench strength are well known but limited because of the small number of true general manger roles in or... Read More
In this webinar, Dr. Joe Raelin will introduce an exciting new way to think about and practice leadership, in what he calls, "leaderful practice." Thought to be ripe for the requirements of our 21st Century organizations, leaderful practice replaces the conventional heroic model by introducing the f... Read More
Are you having fun yet? If you are not having fun as a leader then chances are you are trying too hard. Leadership is not accidental, whether you want to be or not, you are a leader. Whenever you influence others toward a goal, you are acting as a leader. Learn how to create leadership momentum so t... Read More
Transforming leaders and their organizations is BPI’s vision and mission, which implies that we are dedicated to creating positive organizational change. This necessitates finding, hiring, promoting, and developing the right people to make organizations more pleasant and desirable places in which ... Read More
The health of your relationships at work and at home is a BIGGER indicator to your happiness then how much money you make, what your job status and satisfaction is, or where you live. And, as a culture and particularly in stressful economic times, we expect MORE from our relationships and tend to gi... Read More
Leadership Succession Management is a complex process for organizations to successfully execute and sustain. It involves systems, processes, and executive commitment that drive the development of future leaders. The outcome is leaders who can effectively meet current business imperatives and enable ... Read More
We all know the type: brilliant, aggressive, real go-getters. Only thing is, no one can stand working with them. Maybe it’s because their personalities are so abrasive, or maybe they quietly lack consideration for others, only focusing on results and missing their impact on individuals and on team... Read More

Measuring What Counts: Leadership Effectiveness

By Teresa Roche /Chief Learning Officer, Agilent Technologies, Inc.

In March 2005, Bill Sullivan became Agilent Technologies’ second CEO and declared that our strategic intent was to be the “world’s premier measurement company.” To shift the focus, he outlined a clear set of metrics related to our customers, markets, employees and shareholders and a critical... Read More
Developing the supply and quality of leaders an organization needs in the future is among most executives’ top priorities. At the same time, surveys of these same leaders indicate that many are not confident that their current talent management initiatives will, in fact, successfully fill the lead... Read More
Do you want to learn, benchmark, and share best practices in leading in the new economy? Best Practice Benchmarking is the core of Best Practice Institute's work. During this session you will meet fellow BPI members, share and learn about each other's practices in leading in the new economy, and as... Read More
What is action learning? Why is action learning so effective as both a change management and a leadership development initiative? What makes the global program at Johnson and Johnson so innovative? These questions and others will be discussed during this informative webinar. During this program ... Read More

Assessment Tools for Leadership

By Ralph Jacobson /President At The Leader's Toolbox, Inc.

The leadership tools in this webinar are easy to implement, create greater leader engagement, more predictable in their outcomes, and are far less expensive than mainstream leadership development methods. Read More
To succeed in today’s tumultuous economy, we need agile organizations that can adapt quickly and proactively to rapidly changing conditions. To create and manage agile teams and organizations, you need to be an agile leader. But what exactly is leadership agility? In this webinar Bill Joiner, seas... Read More
Today there is more pressure than ever to find ways to achieve better business results. We need to know what is possible, and put people in roles that will achieve that possibility. That is what “aligning potential” is about… it is about making sure that our employees are doing the best that t... Read More

Toxic Leadership

By George Reed /Associate Professor at University on San Diego

Why do world class organizations tolerate toxic leaders in their midst? Is there a relationship between leadership style, organizational climate, and effectiveness? In this webinar, George Reed will address the concept of toxic leadership and provide some suggestions about how to limit its negative ... Read More

Why Create a High Performance Coaching Culture

By Thomas G. Crane /Associate Professor at University on San Diego

In a COACHING CULTURE, all members of the culture courageously engage in candid, respectful coaching conversations, unrestricted by reporting relationships, about how they can improve their working relationships and individual and collective work performance. All have learned to value and effectivel... Read More
The Chief of Naval Air Training, Rear Admiral Mark D. Guadagnini, trains “ultimate ninja warrior leaders.” The training his combat aerial professionals complete is efficient through into book training, real-world skills, and repetition. Guadagnini uses examples from his real life situations to h... Read More
Two of the most common questions that are asked in leadership development sessions are: •How can I do a better job of influencing my manager? •How can I better influence my peers – when I don’t have direct line authority. Although there is no way to guarantee success when we try to... Read More
Marshall will be teaching on: Helping Successful Leaders Get Even Better Goals: 1. Know how to use ‘to stop’ as a coaching tool. 2. Be ready to use feedforward. 3. Learn a proven model that leaders can use to develop themselves – as both managers and partners – and measure positi... Read More
Demographic, economic, and technological changes are transforming how people live and work in organizations and in communities. Our 24/7 global business environment has become increasingly opportunity-rich, demanding, and talent dependent. You will find this interactive webinar time well-spent a... Read More
Scott will share a new approach to building high potential leaders, illustrate the approach to through the Sallie Mae experience, have a "lessons-learned" conversation about the approach. Every day, high performers are tapped to be executives and then left alone to figure out how to succeed in th... Read More
Based on his 25 years of experience in designing and implementing leadership development solutions, as well as his extensive knowledge of the latest research and thought leadership about learning, Steve will share his insights into how to enhance leaders’ ability to learn from experience. He will ... Read More
Leadership presence is a powerful attribute of leadership. You can define it as the presence of authority imbued with a reason to believe. Leadership presence begins with communications but extends to every facet of leadership. As such it can be taught and put into practice. This webinar demonst... Read More
A leader's most important job is to reveal and shift the boundaries of peoples' thinking; starting with our own. Igniting and sustaining context shifts will be the most important leadership competency of the 21st century. Governments, multi-national corporations and not-for profit agencies have al... Read More
You are invited to join Norm Smallwood for a LIVE 45 minute webinar in which he will describe two transitions that take the practice of leadership to the next level. Norm is a recognized authority in developing businesses and their leaders to deliver results and increase value. His current work r... Read More
Many large organizations have implemented some form of assignment management, but many do not successfully leverage the value of experience that assignment management generates. Having an experience does not guarantee that someone will actually learn from that experience. Steve is President of A... Read More
Finding the traditional leadership development approaches inadequate to meet the ever increasing leadership challenges, Ralph created The Leader’s Toolbox®. He will show us how to build companies of leaders by teaching them how to tackle the difficult challenges they face—-forever. He turns con... Read More

One Page Talent Management

By Marc Effron /President At The Leader's Toolbox, Inc.

Most corporate talent practices fail simply because they're not designed to succeed. The current generation of talent practices has become so bloated and bureaucratic that line managers neither support nor use them to their true benefit. Many appear to be designed more to impress other HR practiti... Read More
Asking the right questions is something that every leader must do. It is a leader’s responsibility to ask questions that probe to the heart of a problem and challenge people to think very deeply about what is possible, probable, and doable. Executives pay executive coaches many thousands of dollar... Read More
America's most sought-after executive coach shows how to climb the last few rungs of the ladder. He discusses how the corporate world is filled with executives, men, and women who have worked hard for years to reach the upper levels of management. The corporate world is filled with executives, m... Read More