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Learning & Development

Learning and Development is a vital organizational focus that ties employee skill and capability building directly to learning strategies. With diverse employees in differing roles across geographies, organizations are fighting to provide innovative techniques to shrink talent gaps and match high-level skills to critical job roles. Popular examples of learning and development innovative techniques include personalized e-learning, gamification, simulations, use of internal experts, and more.

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Case Studies

Bank of America: Action Learning

By Eryn O'Brien /Chief Learning Officer, bank of America

A case study on how Bank of America optimized the investment of learning by creating an action learning approach that develops a cadre of leaders for the organization’s future.

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A focused employee retention initiative utilizing career development, management training, team agreements, and employee surveying as tools for creating a preferred place of employment in the telecommunications industry.This case outlines a successful effort used by Cellular One to consciously incre... Read More
This case study outlines a global training program for sales executives that develops business leadership capabilities through training seminars, partnerships with senior managers, and action learning.In this case study, you will find:•    Training Colgate-Palmolive’s Global Sales Leaders•... Read More

Imasco Limited: Action Learning

By Jay A. Conger /Henry R. Kravis Research Chair in Leadership Studies

This article outlines an action learning-based program that is designed to develop the strategic thinking capabilities of senior and middle management.

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A retention program designed to help employees align their interests, values, and skills with rapidly changing business needs through a set of integrated activities.This case study tells a story—born out of necessity—about curtailing anticipated hemorrhaging of outbound talent by proactively add... Read More
Reflections on seven critical areas of their leadership development systems including: 1. Competitive and Strategic Business Challenges, 2. Leadership Competencies, 3. Most Impactful Key Features of Leadership Training, 4. Critical Success Factors, 5. Evaluation Methods, 6. Money Budgeted for Leader... Read More

A Global Career Development Process (Career Fitness) for all employees designed to create a culture for continuous learning and personal responsibility for career growth through career management, coaching, and advising.

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Big change, fast—that was the demand made on Lockheed Martin’s tactical jet business. The alternative to meeting this change challenge was not only to lose the largest defense contract in history, but also to become a second-tier subcontractor at best, or be put out of business at worst.  This ... Read More
This article outlines a "just-in-time" transition to a cross-functional team structure, bolstered by action learning, exposure to senior executives, and team leader rotation, in order to make dramatic improvements in the efficiency of the operations department. In this article you will find: Objecti... Read More

Mattel: Change and Innovation Process

By Ivy Ross /Vice President and Head of Google Glass at Google

This case study describes Mattel’s Project Platypus – a dynamic change and innovation process for bringing out human potential in an organization through the synthesis of collaborative, action-, and results-oriented experiences, resulting in new business opportunities and high-performance produc... Read More
Hewlett-PackardBuilding Learning Performance Measurement MaturityThis case study tells the story of Hewlett-Packard’s Workplace Learning and Performance (WLP) function to significantly improve its maturity in Learning Performance Measurement and how a team of dedicated professionals drove that cha... Read More
The following case study will examine the path of Honeywell’s successful Aerospace business in leveraging Six Sigma as the core productivity strategy that will fuel its aggressive growth plans.  It examines how Honeywell has successfully evolved Six Sigma from a process improvement initiative to ... Read More
This case study describes the systematic approach employed by Intel Corporation’s Fab 12 Organization Development Team (ODT) to successfully launch and innovative, nontraditional way of developing leaders. 1 The ODT works at the manufacturing-site level (not corporate), responding to specific ch... Read More
The opportunity for ongoing learning and development is a commitment Microsoft makes to all employees. Microsoft invests more than $375 million annually in formal education programs directed at the employee, manager, and leader that are offered by the Corporate Learning and Development groups and ot... Read More


Comparison of Performance Management Vendors

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

The following is a survey of tools that enable the employee feedback that supports performance appraisals. The intent is to identify and measure those tools that compete directly with Skillrater. I have found that the “big” tools serve Human Resources and Human Capital Management in extensivel... Read More

Matching Analytics to HR’s Chief Goals

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

Almost every aspect of workforce management and top talent identification is viewed as a “high” or “very high” in terms of importance by the HR professionals in our survey. This shows that analytics has the potential to impact talent management at every level but may also signify that anal... Read More
When business dictates the next step is stretching outside the U.S., organizations must tread with care. While the company may have a domestic talent strategy, there is much to consider when looking for overseas talent. Each country has its own unique set of challenges, from how to obtain and tr... Read More


By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

Continued global commercial volatility and unpredictability means talent strategies are constantly evolving. Talent scarcity remains a pressing concerns for most HR principles in 2016 and this is being reflected by a heavy strategic focus on talent sourcing and retention. Surprisingly, in a ... Read More

Most Loved Workplace Research

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

A new study from Best Practice Institute in partnership with CSI has revealed some surprising results. In a global survey of over 150 employees from Fortune 1000 companies, we’ve shown that employees who love their workplace are up to 4 times more likely to perform at a higher level than those wh... Read More

Expatriates/Global Assignments Research Study

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

The study seeks to identify the strategic outlook of global organizations on expatriate assignments and their role in organization development and global talent management. Read More

On Demand Webinars

Benchmark-It Webinar: Employee Learning & Development

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

Many organizations shifting to centralizing operations, infrastructure, and methods, purposefully tie learning and experiences to programs and business objectives, and customize learning through virtual learning tools, mobile accessibility, apps, short burst videos, and more. In an organizational se... Read More

Intentional Leadership

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

Join us in sharing intentional leadership practices, communication and accountability strategies. Read More

Benchmarking Best of Best Practices

By Louis Carter /CEO, BPI

Best Practice benchmarking is a critical first step toward developing and designing a leading edge program, system, or intervention within your organization. Before you venture out on your own to diagnose your own system, or if you have already begun designing, it is sage advice to look externally t... Read More
BP has a strong multi-year roadmap that will strengthen its current learning landscape for both learners and the business. With strong executive support, this initiative will aim to integrate its learning architecture. During this session, we will engage in active advice, benchmarking, and discussi... Read More
Karen Kocher, Chief Learning Officer at Cigna will present the business need, design, and implementation of programs and practices that support and empower customer centricity at Cigna. Her passion for creating social collaboration through smart mob organizing and adding global effectiveness through... Read More
Join Louis Carter and Christi O'Neill as they reveal the best and next practices of 2013, based on BPI research and conversations. Learn what organizations are doing to promote transparency through talent programs and data planning. Engage and share your talent challenges and success stories! Read More

The New Leader's Playbook

By George Bradt /Executive onboarding expert - helps new leaders and teams deliver Better Results Faster

Leadership transitions are some of the toughest challenges people face – professionally and personally. Nearly half of new leaders fail in their first 18 months. Often, those failures are the result of crucial mistakes made in the very beginning that can be devastating for organizations and leader... Read More

Trends in OnBoarding

By B. Lynn Ware, PhD . /BPI Expert, Integral Talent Systems, Inc.

You’ve hired the best. Now how do you get them up to speed? Join us to learn the latest in on-boarding best practices, including the use of scalable gamification technology and other self service platforms for engaging the new hire so they can grasp the knowledge and skills they need to perfor... Read More
Whether you like it or not, the demographic shift is happening and Generation Y (born 1980 – 1995) is coming to the forefront of the workforce. This generation differs from any previous demographic population because “Gen Y” grew up in an era shaped by conditions unheard of before: from digita... Read More
Michael Hamilton is Chief Learning & Development Officer at Ernst & Young Read More
Change is a process, not an event. The real challenge comes during implementation when changes in behavior are required to support the critical business goals. Desired behavioral shifts need to happen at the leadership, team and individual levels, such as increased personal accountability, more tran... Read More
Over the past several years, the global economy has sunk into recession, the financial services industry has experienced extreme challenges, and Bank of America is reshaping itself to meet new economic realities. Much has changed since the Crack the Code recommendations were presented yet implementa... Read More
Smart employers use stories to amplify the effectiveness of all aspects of their talent management and development process, including employer branding, new hire orientation, employee engagement, training, and coaching. Companies with great Employer Brands use stories to communicate what makes th... Read More
Most research has proven that the first 90 days are critical to the success of a new leader. Too often they fail to make an impression, or come on too strong, neither of which is effective. Getting oriented to a new job, new culture, new people is key. Most onboarding programs do not provide all the... Read More
The vast majority of corporate training activities are waste; 85% to 99% waste by some estimates. They don't improve learning and retention and don’t lead to performance improvements. With slashed budgets and staff levels at all time lows, executives can’t afford employees sitting in classrooms,... Read More
Haig Nalbantian is Senior Partner and Founder/Leader of Mercer Workforce Sciences Institute Read More
In this webinar, Andy will show how the combination of high trust, strong leadership and expert collaboration directly links to outstanding business performance. He will cover the three important factors on which people base their trust. Andy also will share best practices in building trust--- inclu... Read More
As the economy attempts to crawl out of recession and businesses begin to focus on growth and opportunity, recruiting leaders are faced with new challenges in regards to attracting and recruiting top talent in an increasing competitive environment. Whether your organization needs to cultivate a ... Read More

How to Become an Ideal Leader

By John Spence /Executive Consultant, Trainer and Author, John Spence LLC

The session will look at the new trends in what high-performance employees look for in an “Ideal Leader.” Based on John Spence’s work as a leadership instructor and coach to firms such as Microsoft, Qualcomm, Abbott Labs, Merrill Lynch, and several other Fortune 500 firms and a recent Global L... Read More
David Ulrich and Norm Smallwood are Partners at The RBL Group Read More
Sustainability is not a problem to be solved. It is a future to be created. True leadership is about cultivating the collective capacity so that people shape futures they truly desire. In this webinar, Peter Senge will offer insights and practical methods for leaders across sectors who are seeking t... Read More
Leaders at all levels today are busy – often times, too busy to develop their leadership skills. And in this challenging business climate, companies aren’t spending as much on leadership development. What’s a leader to do? How can you break through and take your own leadership game to the next... Read More
HR professionals need to better understand the business to act as strategic business partners. HR professionals need “business acumen” to draw sound conclusions from business information. More importantly, they need to take the actions needed to drive organizational results. In this webinar, We... Read More
The vast majority of corporate training activities are waste; 85% to 99% waste by some estimates. They don't improve learning and retention and don’t lead to performance improvements. With slashed budgets and staff levels at all time lows, executives can’t afford employees sitting in classrooms,... Read More
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is a world authority in helping successful leaders achieve positive, lasting change in behavior. In this fast-paced, interactive session, he will build upon three independent research studies to illustrate why the key to effective leadership development is the leader – not t... Read More
Brian Hults is Vice President Organization and People Development at Newell-Rubbermaid. Brian shares information on Newell-Rubbermaid's Learning Culture and Succession Planning. Read More
Leaders at all levels today are busy – oftentimes, too busy to develop their leadership skills. And in this challenging business climate, companies aren’t spending as much on leadership development. What’s a leader to do? How can you break through and take your own leadership game to the next ... Read More
The Learning Experiences Across Disciplines (LEAD) program was designed to help leaders provide continuous learning opportunities and develop leaders at all levels within one of the world's largest civilian intelligence agencies. You will learn the details of the LEAD program - and specifically how ... Read More
Retention and integration of training and development programs is an ongoing issue, as the well-crafted design and agenda have to withstand the heat and friction of re-entry into the day-to-day demands of the work atmosphere. And if you are looking for innovation and a shift in culture, you need pow... Read More
Organization life is often experienced as a high stakes drama with different departments, divisions, teams, and leaders tugging at one another for resources, time, and money. Often the fight is presumed to be about personality differences, power struggles, and ineffective leadership. So we invest th... Read More
There was a time when coaching was considered something remedial---a kind of stop-gap measure to take care of “problem” managers. The fact is, nowadays many new hires with high potential actually are negotiating the ongoing services of a coach as part of their acceptance packages! This powerful ... Read More

Achieving Business Excellence

By John Spence /Executive Consultant, Trainer and Author, John Spence LLC

Based on John Spence’s extensive personal business experience and combined with more than 14 years of in-depth research and rigorous benchmarking studies of the best practices at top corporations around the world, this information intensive webinar is designed specifically to “shake up the think... Read More

Applying Emotional Intelligence to Identify Star-Performers

By Reuven Bar On /Executive Consultant, Trainer and Author, John Spence LLC

Transforming leaders and their organizations is BPI’s vision and mission, which implies that we are dedicated to creating positive organizational change. This necessitates finding, hiring, promoting, and developing the right people to make organizations more pleasant and desirable places in which ... Read More

An Innovative Action Learning Leadership Process

By Greg Zlevor /Executive Consultant, Trainer and Author, John Spence LLC

What is action learning? Why is action learning so effective as both a change management and a leadership development initiative? What makes the global program at Johnson and Johnson so innovative? These questions and others will be discussed during this informative webinar. During this program ... Read More
Presented by Marshall Goldsmith, named one of the 50 greatest living business thinkers by the Times-London and author of 23 New York Times best-selling books, including What Got You Here Won't Get You There. Microsoft Presenters: Brian Underhill and Carol Hedley In this fast-paced, interactive s... Read More
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of venues teaching work readiness. However, in survey after survey, and focus group after focus group, business owners and senior management still complain about the work readiness skills of their new (and existing) employees. This is because in the vast majorit... Read More
In times of economic turbulence few things are more important than keeping employees laser focused and productive. Unfortunately, turbulence outside the organization often creates turbulence inside. During such times, some organizations are forced to cut labor costs, restructure teams, shift work fr... Read More
In a COACHING CULTURE, all members of the culture courageously engage in candid, respectful coaching conversations, unrestricted by reporting relationships, about how they can improve their working relationships and individual and collective work performance. All have learned to value and effectivel... Read More
New research is emerging from neuroscience that provides insights into some of today’s biggest leadership challenges. Scientists are beginning to provide answers to issues such as how to more effectively make decisions and solve problems, stay cool under pressure, get on with others, and drive cha... Read More
Organizations are trying to improve their execution, and increasingly recognizing that innovation is the key to competitiveness, yet their support for these are largely idiosyncratic and certainly not integrated. In client engagements across a number of Fortune 500 companies and major technology or... Read More
Traditional expert-driven models for individual, social and organizational change often don’t work. Like the human immune system, individuals, communities and institutions such as MOH, hospitals reject what is perceived as “foreign matter”. When “experts” provide strategies for individual ... Read More
If you need to be the dominate player in your talent market, you should begin your effort by benchmarking against the world’s first true “talent machine”… Google. Google has, in a handful of years, become the #1 employment brand, securing on their first attempt the top spot on FORTUNE magazi... Read More
This webinar will focus on moving from what we do to develop our people to “realized development” – to identify barriers that make transfer to real work application difficult and to help identify how to move to what Dr. Peters calls the “development space,” where real learning takes place.... Read More
Finding the traditional leadership development approaches inadequate to meet the ever increasing leadership challenges, Ralph created The Leader’s Toolbox®. He will show us how to build companies of leaders by teaching them how to tackle the difficult challenges they face—-forever. He turns con... Read More