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Self Development

Self-Development is a lifelong process of increasing self-awareness, developing skills and growing your knowledge based on both informal and formal activities. Although methods and techniques vary based on preference, setting goals and benchmarks will provide a base to measure success. Integrating a feedback process will also allow for higher self-awareness. Many examples of self-development include coaching and managing others.

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The following elements are measured within Gibb's TORI Self-Diagnosis scale. Tori Self-Diagnosis Scale Trusting-Being: A person who scores high on this set of items is saying: View of Myself: "I trust myself, have a fairly well-formed sense of my own being and uniqueness, and feel good about myself ... Read More

Case Studies

Background Buckman Laboratories is an international, family-owned, specialty-chemical company with headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.  For more than fifty years, Buckman has provided the world’s leading industries with a broad range of specialty chemicals for the papermaking, water treatme... Read More
This case study outlines a self-assessment, personal change-based program that is designed to develop managers within this merged healthcare organization.In this case study, you will find:•    Building the Business Case•    Best Practice Study•    Assessment and Development Planning... Read More


Comparison of Performance Management Vendors

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

The following is a survey of tools that enable the employee feedback that supports performance appraisals. The intent is to identify and measure those tools that compete directly with Skillrater. I have found that the “big” tools serve Human Resources and Human Capital Management in extensivel... Read More

Matching Analytics to HR’s Chief Goals

By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

Almost every aspect of workforce management and top talent identification is viewed as a “high” or “very high” in terms of importance by the HR professionals in our survey. This shows that analytics has the potential to impact talent management at every level but may also signify that anal... Read More
When business dictates the next step is stretching outside the U.S., organizations must tread with care. While the company may have a domestic talent strategy, there is much to consider when looking for overseas talent. Each country has its own unique set of challenges, from how to obtain and tr... Read More


By Bpi Staff /Best Practice Institute

Continued global commercial volatility and unpredictability means talent strategies are constantly evolving. Talent scarcity remains a pressing concerns for most HR principles in 2016 and this is being reflected by a heavy strategic focus on talent sourcing and retention. Surprisingly, in a ... Read More

Live Webinars

Dial Down the Complexity

By Jeff Davidson /Best Practice Institute

Why does life today seem so complex for many people, even retirees? Find out what it takes to keep complexity at bay, and to enjoy more time and more moments throughout the day. Join Jeff Davidson who holds the registered trademark "The Work-life Balance Expert" from the United States Patent and ... Read More

On Demand Webinars

Benchmarking Best of Best Practices

By Louis Carter /CEO, BPI

Best Practice benchmarking is a critical first step toward developing and designing a leading edge program, system, or intervention within your organization. Before you venture out on your own to diagnose your own system, or if you have already begun designing, it is sage advice to look externally t... Read More

The History of OD: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

By John Scherer /Co-Director, Scherer Leadership International

This 15 minute learning byte will teach you about the history and foundation of the field of Organization Development outlining the significant contributions of specific theorists and practitioners who helped shape the field today. Read More

An Integrated Approach to Driving Diversity at Rockwell Collins

By Christi O'Neill /Vice President of Research and Development, Best Practice Institute

Our employees must reflect the changing demographics to meet the needs and expectations of a global economy. Establishing a diverse, talented and motivated workforce increases our ability to develop innovative solutions by embracing diversity of thoughts, opinions, backgrounds and styles. To ... Read More

The New Leader's Playbook

By George Bradt /Executive onboarding expert - helps new leaders and teams deliver Better Results Faster

Leadership transitions are some of the toughest challenges people face – professionally and personally. Nearly half of new leaders fail in their first 18 months. Often, those failures are the result of crucial mistakes made in the very beginning that can be devastating for organizations and leader... Read More

Proper Preparation for Perfect Presentations: Presenting a Seamless Presentation

By Jeff Davidson /Executive onboarding expert - helps new leaders and teams deliver Better Results Faster

You may not realize it, but whenever you encounter an effective presentation the odds are high that the presenter took great lengths to ensure that everything went smoothly. In this illuminating session, we will "peek the curtain" to reveal the handful of key activities you'll want to undertake so t... Read More
Never before has there been more of a need to understand, embody, and embrace the core principles of true Leadership. Global strategist, international consultant, and bestselling author Chad Robert Stewart has traveled the world working with CEOs, Directors, and Executives from Fortune 500 companies... Read More
The Combat Mindset webinar is a summary of Mann’s Combat Mindset speech which is an empowering messages that encourage others to reach higher as well as building leadership, honor and integrity. Through his entertaining stories which come from his experiences in adventure sports and in the Navy SE... Read More
Leaders at all levels today are busy – often times, too busy to develop their leadership skills. And in this challenging business climate, companies aren’t spending as much on leadership development. What’s a leader to do? How can you break through and take your own leadership game to the next... Read More

How to Use Collaborative Goal Setting and Develop a Performance Feedback Process

By Tara Powers /CEO, Author, Speaker, Talent Management Strategist and Consultant, Powers Resource Center, LLC

Two of the most important things a new leader should do well, is work collaboratively with their team to define and set performance goals and provide consistent, clear feedback that has a positive impact on performance. When these two things are done effectively, you can expect to see engaged employ... Read More
Words and phrases have meanings. For example: leadership development, talent management, high potential talent, coaching and mentoring, and many others. This webinar will focus like a laser on Marshall Goldsmith's stakeholder centered coaching process. Internal and external coaches have been trained... Read More
All too often brilliant executives become the casualty of excess nerves when asked to present. From ideas not being taken seriously to being passed over for a promotion, the cost of these nerves means the executive’s credibility and future. In this interactive webinar, Ilene walks participants ... Read More
HR professionals need to better understand the business to act as strategic business partners. HR professionals need “business acumen” to draw sound conclusions from business information. More importantly, they need to take the actions needed to drive organizational results. In this webinar, We... Read More

The Top 10 Secrets for Emerging Leader Success

By Tara Powers /CEO, Author, Speaker, Talent Management Strategist and Consultant, Powers Resource Center, LLC

It’s not easy stepping up into a leadership role. It takes mindset, understanding, commitment, and a whole new set of skills. Today’s new leaders are required to accelerate their success faster and quickly gain the respect of their teams and peers. This session will focus on the most important t... Read More

The Leader's Journey: From Mindset to Impact

By Tara Powers /CEO, Author, Speaker, Talent Management Strategist and Consultant, Powers Resource Center, LLC

Do you react to life’s situations or take the lead? Do you take responsibility or place blame? The answer to these questions will directly determine the impact you have on others, in your business and life! When you can effectively take the lead in any situation, you can empower and influence o... Read More
Getting real buy-in to new strategies, programs or processes can be a challenge and frustration with some key stakeholders. This webinar provides proven and practical tips to getting real versus espoused buy-in order to lower barriers to change. These tips are based on over 25 years experience as an... Read More
Brian Hults is Vice President Organization and People Development at Newell-Rubbermaid. Brian shares information on Newell-Rubbermaid's Learning Culture and Succession Planning. Read More
In this webinar, Bill Joiner will draw on his extensive research on this topic and three decades of work with organizations to discuss what leaders and leadership development professionals can do to increase their own agility and that of their people and their organizations. Increasingly, line an... Read More
Leaders must hit their marks. But this is especially hard in today’s “interruption age” – where the pace is fast, the meetings back to back, and the information flow never-ending. How can you achieve your goals – much less lead others effectively – in this landscape? By adopting a new se... Read More
Leaders at all levels today are busy – oftentimes, too busy to develop their leadership skills. And in this challenging business climate, companies aren’t spending as much on leadership development. What’s a leader to do? How can you break through and take your own leadership game to the next ... Read More

Entering a New Stage: Adapting to Change

By David Mann /Executive Director, Word to Action

With the amount of change going on in most companies, imagination is critical; you must remain flexible in order to remain afloat. In this webinar, David will show you how to see beyond your own limitations, break your boundaries, and “find your genius.” With humor and insight, he’ll introduce... Read More
This interactive workshop is one of Kirk’s signature presentations where you will learn why optimists are better negotiators, close more deals, take fewer sick days, are more creative, more productive and are better employees. In this moving and touching session you will learn the skills of optimi... Read More
Does too much paper, too much reading, and too much with which to keep pace diminish your enjoyment of work and of life? If so, go from glut to gain. Learn how to win with information and not be deluged by it. Discover how to become your own information highway, use information for maximum gain, and... Read More
Change capacity. Every organization needs it, yet isn’t necessarily getting it without considerable leadership talent turnover. Change leaders. Can we develop more or do we have to bring them in from the outside? And either way, why is it that those who lead high impact change quite often leave th... Read More
Leaders at all levels today are busy – often times, too busy to develop their leadership skills. And in this challenging business climate, companies aren’t spending as much on leadership development. What’s a leader to do? How can you break through and take your own leadership game to the next... Read More
Leaders who can embrace paradox (fast AND thorough, creative AND disciplined, short term AND long term, tough AND compassionate) are more successful than those who succumb to an either/or mindset. Either/or thinking is a mental habit that flat-lines innovation, stifles cooperation, hampers leadershi... Read More
In this webinar, Dr. Joe Raelin will introduce an exciting new way to think about and practice leadership, in what he calls, "leaderful practice." Thought to be ripe for the requirements of our 21st Century organizations, leaderful practice replaces the conventional heroic model by introducing the f... Read More
Are you having fun yet? If you are not having fun as a leader then chances are you are trying too hard. Leadership is not accidental, whether you want to be or not, you are a leader. Whenever you influence others toward a goal, you are acting as a leader. Learn how to create leadership momentum so t... Read More
Organizations, especially those in crisis, need men and women willing to exert their leadership to effect positive change. “Leading from the Middle,” based on John Baldoni’s newest book, Lead Your Boss, demonstrates how managers can use their influence to lead without authority. For managers w... Read More
The shine is wearing off and many people who were excited by the allure of positive, conflict free change have been disappointed by their experience of appreciative inquiry (AI). Yet, stories of amazing transformational outcomes from AI continue to surface. So what’s up? In this webinar one of the... Read More
The health of your relationships at work and at home is a BIGGER indicator to your happiness then how much money you make, what your job status and satisfaction is, or where you live. And, as a culture and particularly in stressful economic times, we expect MORE from our relationships and tend to gi... Read More
We all know the type: brilliant, aggressive, real go-getters. Only thing is, no one can stand working with them. Maybe it’s because their personalities are so abrasive, or maybe they quietly lack consideration for others, only focusing on results and missing their impact on individuals and on team... Read More

Creating Healthy Organizations Through Genuine Contact

By Michelle Cooper /President, Integral Visions Consulting Inc.

Imagine if you, as a leader, could create a work environment that’s consistently healthy and productive and allows all members of your team to excel! Now you can. Leaders today know that being a healthy organization is not optional. A healthy and dynamic working environment is the precondition... Read More
To succeed in today’s tumultuous economy, we need agile organizations that can adapt quickly and proactively to rapidly changing conditions. To create and manage agile teams and organizations, you need to be an agile leader. But what exactly is leadership agility? In this webinar Bill Joiner, seas... Read More
Today's economic crisis is hitting like powerful waves of new stress, making it difficult to perform at our best while maintaining balance at work and home. It’s a whole new playing field now fraught with more uncertainty in the months to come. These current times are hard on employees, their ... Read More
Many of us have spent our first half of life pursuing success, but recently experienced how quickly it can all go away in a heartbeat. This webinar is about infusing significance and impact into your success for a rewarding second half of life. Read More
Having things and circumstances - money, success, relationships, health - brings a certain kind of happiness, but this temporary experience of satisfaction or joy soon fades and we have to hurry up and fulfill the next desire to feel happy again. To experience true and lasting happiness, we can lear... Read More
Say Yes to No is a pushback to the pressures of today's high tech, constantly wired world. Cootsona was a pastor at the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City, living a non-stop, around the clock life caring for his congregation, pursuing advanced degrees, raising two daughters, and nurtu... Read More
You can reinvent yourself when you know who you really are and what next steps to take. This powerful session will give you insight into the key aspects for you to get cleaned up, get unstuck, and become whole. Discover who you really are and what you are best at. Find out what your unique factor is... Read More
Consider what it might be like in our world today if: •Spirituality was the inner foundation that business executives operated from •Business executives developed within themselves a purity and unity of thought, word and action •Business executives actively expressed their spiritual charac... Read More
New research is emerging from neuroscience that provides insights into some of today’s biggest leadership challenges. Scientists are beginning to provide answers to issues such as how to more effectively make decisions and solve problems, stay cool under pressure, get on with others, and drive cha... Read More
This program will do two things for the attendees. It will help them identify and understand the link between their performances in business and how that relates to an athlete’s performance in sports. And, it will help them identify techniques, similar to what top athletes use, to achieve peak per... Read More
Emotional stress is one of the last taboos in business. It costs businesses far more than they realize and is only starting to be quantified. Yet the effects of emotional stress can be seen in soaring health care costs, increased absenteeism, slowed productivity, missed goals, poor product quality, ... Read More
The Take Charge Recharge is committed in the goals of advocating and inspiring: -An understanding that recharging is not downtime, but a requirement to reinvest in one’s personal economy that will return, generate creativity, focus, commitment, and drive. -Quality of work/life and far greater ... Read More
Data, data everywhere, but not a thought to think! Does too much paper, too much reading, or too much with which to keep pace plague you at work and diminish your enjoyment of life? If so, go from glut to gain. Learn how to become your own information highway, use information for maximum gain, and k... Read More
A leader's most important job is to reveal and shift the boundaries of peoples' thinking; starting with our own. Igniting and sustaining context shifts will be the most important leadership competency of the 21st century. Governments, multi-national corporations and not-for profit agencies have al... Read More
Me, Inc. asserts that the key to unlimited success in daily life is in incorporating the basic principles of business success into everyday living. Author Scott Ventrella begins by sharing the ten basic business principles of the most successful and enduring companies and how they can be applied to ... Read More
Strategic Advisor Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., is President of Quantum Intech, Inc. and a psychologist and author. Quantum Intech (QI) is a technology and software licensing company, founded by Doc Childre, which develops and licenses proprietary products "powered by HeartMath" to reduce stress, improve h... Read More
Everywhere you look there are life-long career professionals losing confidence in their ability to stay competitive in our rapidly changing society. Concurrently, no one in society has a long-term lock on any market niche and no body of information affords a strategic competitive advantage for very ... Read More