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"Benchmark-It" was inspired by senior executive board members who are continuously sending new questions that they need answered by their peers. We enjoyed 100s of 20 page long e-mail threads for many years. And, now, it is time to let go of the past e-mail threads, and start using the benchmarking tool of the future. Below is just a sampling of the benchmarking questions currently being asked on BPI. If you become a Senior Executive Board or Benchmarking Corporate Member, then you will get all of the benefits of the Ask-It Benchmarking feature!

SMART Objectives regarding Team Leader Inclusion effectiveness

  • By: Sandy Allred Senior Director, Talent Management, Kimberly Clark
Curious if organizations are writing performance objectives for individuals, team leaders or executives regarding inclusion & diversity effectiveness for 2021? I know many organizations have enterpri...

Are you continuing with your internship programs in this virtual environment?

  • By: Scott Baxt COO, BPI
If so, 1) what changes have you made to your internship programs and development plans to accommodate the current virtual workplace? 2) Have you kept the size of your program and the amount of Interns...

Are you aware of global organizations that have created and / or implemented a software solution for monitoring if / when an employee can gain access to or return to work?

  • By: Louis Carter CEO, BPI
The problem to solve: Daily (at the time of entering a building) self-initiated (pull not a push to employees) software tool that can capture and track answers to key exposure and health questions. ...

Handling pending new hires and interns during Pandemic

  • By: Vanessa Dupuis VP, Global Talent Management, Celanese
All, I know we are feverishly trying to respond to this pandemic. One of our workstreams is focused on how we will handle new hires with pending start dates. I welcome any approaches your company i...

Productivity Costs of External Hires

  • By: Scott Baxt COO, BPI
Looking for any research or data that addresses the productivity cost of external hires. Specifically, * What is the productivity cost to a senior leader when they are hired externally (i.e., w...