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"Benchmark-It" was inspired by senior executive board members who are continuously sending new questions that they need answered by their peers. We enjoyed 100s of 20 page long e-mail threads for many years. And, now, it is time to let go of the past e-mail threads, and start using the benchmarking tool of the future. Below is just a sampling of the benchmarking questions currently being asked on BPI. If you become a Senior Executive Board or Benchmarking Corporate Member, then you will get all of the benefits of the Ask-It Benchmarking feature!

Engagement Survey Strategy Help

  • By: Beth Demko Senior Talent Management Consultant, Kimberly-Clark Corporation
I am hoping you can help on the topic of Engagement Survey Strategy - we are looking to gather insights on: * What are Engagement best practices of high performing organizations? What are they doi...

What are the/your best processes, roles, resources and practices for Top Talent/High Potential Development programs?

  • By: Sandy Allred Senior Director, Talent Management, Kimberly Clark
For a number of years, Kimberly-Clark has employed a practice of proactively telling Top Talent (high potentials) that they are Top Talent. That is principally driven by our desire to let our best em...

International Career Mobility and Families

  • By: Agnes Johansen Vice President People and Leadership, Equinor
We see an increasing need to rotate talent across countries and parallel to that, an increase of dual-career couples. We often face challenges with getting international talent moving because their pa...

Do you have your own Integrated Talent Management for your organization?

  • By: Angela Lane VP, Talent and Development, AbbVie
Do you have a model for Integrated Talent Management (ITM) for your organization? If so, what have you used your model for? How have you applied your ITM model?

Does anyone have turnover metrics that they can share or direct me to?

  • By: Fernan R. Cepero, PHR Chief Human Resources Officer, The YMCA of Greater Rochester
Does anyone have turnover metrics that they can share or direct me to?