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"Benchmark-It" was inspired by senior executive board members who are continuously sending new questions that they need answered by their peers. We enjoyed 100s of 20 page long e-mail threads for many years. And, now, it is time to let go of the past e-mail threads, and start using the benchmarking tool of the future. Below is just a sampling of the benchmarking questions currently being asked on BPI. If you become a Senior Executive Board or Benchmarking Corporate Member, then you will get all of the benefits of the Ask-It Benchmarking feature!

New Hire Welcome Kits for On-Boarding

  • By: Rusty Reynolds AVP, Human Resources, CIT Group
Our organization, a Bank/Financial Services company, is looking to enhance the New Hire experience by providing New Hire Welcome Kits (e.g., swag, necessities, etc.) on the first day. We are seeking ...

Building Effective and Efficient SG&A Leadership Teams

  • By: Julie Person Vice President, Global HR Planning and Service Delivery
> In our effort to develop a most efficient and effective Selling, General and Administrative Expenses (SG&A) functions for a mid-size organization, we are contemplating the following questions: ...

Future Facilitation Strategy & Skills at Cigna

  • By: Samuel Rindell Global Training and Delivery Manager, Cigna
>>> Greetings, Hard to believe it's February already... I hope everyone is doing well. We're in the process of revamping our Global Facilitation strategy at Cigna and could use your insights and ...

Looking for an Executive Coach for potential CEO Successor

  • By: Brian Fishel SVP Talent Management, Key Bank
Does anyone have a recommendation for an executive coach to a very senior exec on the short list to become the next CEO within 2-3 years? I am looking for someone who either has used in same capacity...

Voluntary Attrition Benchmark Question

  • By: Amy Alexy Vice President, Global Talent, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
We are working on some data/analytics for our senior leadership team here at Goodyear and are running into challenges getting benchmark data on voluntary turnover. I'm looking for public information ...