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Every aspect of our lives is becoming a set of projects. The speed of change witnessed in the past decade has radically affected the way we organize and manage our companies and work. Many of the traditional activities in organizations will soon be carried out by automation and robots. In this new l...
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The people analytics value chain leads from data to insights to action and ultimately business results. Yet people analytics teams are often challenged in the penultimate step: nudging the organization to take action on the hard won data-driven insights. Why does this problem occur? How do some orga...
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Here’s the problem: We, as women, aren’t advancing nearly at the rate we want to or our organizations need us to. As we researched this issue, we found there are career-limiting obstacles that women encounter with very clear solutions. Join Susan MacKenty Brady to learn:
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Justin Bariso is the author of "EQ Applied: The Real-World Guide to Emotional Intelligence." Using fascinating research, breaking news analysis, and personal stories he’ll show what this quality looks like in the real world--and provide a glimpse as to how you can begin making emotions work for yo...
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In this interactive webinar, Columbia Business School faculty member Rita McGrath will
introduce a perspective from her forthcoming book, “Seeing Around Corners.” This will relate to how
executives can best position themselves to “see” major changes in their environment. Participants will
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The best leaders are the best learners. They engage in learning activities more frequently than their less effective counterparts. But to become the best you need a concrete framework for continuous development and evidence-based strategies to ignite the habit of lifelong learning. There are five fu...
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"This webinar will address how to bring structure and discipline to leadership development when based around experiences.
Sandy Allred, Talent Development, Kimberly-Clark and Chris Cappy, President, Pilot Consulting will co-present lessons learned from seven years of “Leaders Teaching Leaders (LT...
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Today’s “VUCA” business environment and the widespread success of the Agile movement, in the
software industry and beyond, has created an intense interest in agile leadership. In this webinar, Bill
Joiner will share the findings and practical applications that came out of his in-depth resear...
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How to improve the protocols of recruiting, retaining and developing talent using the application of neuroscience.
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