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In this interactive webinar, Columbia Business School faculty member Rita McGrath will
introduce a perspective from her forthcoming book, “Seeing Around Corners.” This will relate to how
executives can best position themselves to “see” major changes in their environment. Participants will
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The best leaders are the best learners. They engage in learning activities more frequently than their less effective counterparts. But to become the best you need a concrete framework for continuous development and evidence-based strategies to ignite the habit of lifelong learning. There are five fu...
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Justin Bariso is the author of "EQ Applied: The Real-World Guide to Emotional Intelligence." Using fascinating research, breaking news analysis, and personal stories he’ll show what this quality looks like in the real world--and provide a glimpse as to how you can begin making emotions work for yo...
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*How do you define inclusion within your organization? What methods did you use to create this definition (e.g., literature search, working session with employees)?
*Do you have an index that you use to capture inclusion and/or is it embedded in any other indices for leadership effectiveness (or ot...
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The people analytics value chain leads from data to insights to action and ultimately business results. Yet people analytics teams are often challenged in the penultimate step: nudging the organization to take action on the hard won data-driven insights. Why does this problem occur? How do some orga...
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