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Creative Summary / Treatment

BPI Video Production / Creative Summary / Treatment

We work through interviews, archival audio and narrative to create an entertaining and informative video, revolving around a well-crafted storyline.

We create a production directory, schedule and a timeline including:

  1. Planning and organizing production schedules, travel arrangements, and other production logistics
  2. Assessing project deadlines and resource requirements.
  3. Estimate, negotiate and allocate production budgets.
  4. Establish protocol to take and respond to all pertinent communications (verbal and electronic) to all members involved in the production.
  5. Create, manage and maintain a digital cloud platform for production elements, documents, and footage. He will be involved in all technologies that are needed to implement language translations and audio requirements that are required.

The team will consist of, a Production Manager/Producer, Researcher/Writer, Editor, Director of Photography and a Grip/Assistant.