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Edward Carr

Producer / Production Manager

Edward Jerar Carr brings creative story telling into every television and film project that he works on creating big picture imagery. He is a phenomenal producer, an exceptional photographer and a master in the editing suite. Bringing all of these attributes into one to create a story through moving pictures is truly his calling. With nearly twenty years of experience, Edward has mastered every facet of media and video production. His Emmy award winning talent will bring you the highest possible quality for your project and within your budget.
Edward has a very distinct, unique style and vision. Clients from all over the world specifically seek him out for their projects. He grew up in the tropical breezes and on the beaches of south Florida. He describes his childhood as parallel to the likes of Huck Finn. To this day he maintains his outlook on life as a true adventure and journey to be explored to the fullest. He brings this unique perspective to all of his work and clients. He utilizes a combination of artistic elements of light, composition, inspiration and a journalistic approach as a theme in all he touches. Whether the project is in a studio, on land, water or underwater, he is truly a master at piecing all the elements together in a brilliant, cohesive fashion.
Edward has traveled the globe both far and near producing award-winning content for numerous television networks. He has worked with numerous celebrities and several major Fortune 500 companies. He graduated with a B.S. degree in television and film from the University of North Alabama.

Richard Samuels

Director of Photography Camera

Richard Samuels has been working in the film industry since graduating from the University of Miami Film School in 1995.

In 1998 he began a 5-year stint as a photojournalist for Public Television, traveling the world and winning several Telly awards.

Starting in 2000 Richard branched into indie filmmaking, collaborating on a series of film projects. Their first short “Some Enchanted Evening” was a hit at the 2001 Ft Lauderdale International Film Festival. In 2002 he won the Gen Art Miami Emerging Filmmaker Award, The Incubator Music video contest 2004, and a Best of Florida Award in 2005.

He co-founded Greendoor Productions in 2004, with a focus on handcrafted films. For more than 8 years, Greendoor has been producing local and national television in partnership with PBS, NBC, Fox, Coca – Cola, and a variety of cable networks. They also provide camera rentals and production and post services for the University of Miami, the indie film industry and other clientele.

Miguel Ortiz

Grip / Audio / Camera Assist

Miguel Ortiz is a graduate of the Ft. Lauderdale Institute of Art.  He specializes in lighting, audio and camera.  He has been working with Edward Carr for nearly fifteen years and excels at merging vision with finished product.  He is also fluent in Spanish and has worked on numerous bi-lingual and Spanish speaking content projects.

Colin Rindeau


Colin Riendeau was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. His parents moved to Watertown, New York when he was a child. He grew up in Upstate New York and moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada to attend Concordia University. He is a director and producer known for The Fish (2015) and The Kidnapping (2011).

Michael Pisano

Production Sound for Television / Film

Laura Henry

Script Writer