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To give their fullest contribution, employees must feel they can bring their full selves to work; however research shows many do not feel comfortable doing so. They are spending valuable energy every day minimizing or managing aspects of their own diversity – of identity, background, experience ... Read More

Getting started with People Analytics

By Richard Rosenow / Workforce Planning Analyst, People Analytics, Facebook

With over 12,000 followers on LinkedIn, Richard Rosenow has carved out a niche for himself in the People Analytics Space. He’s the founder of the Bay Area People Analytics meetup, he’s a member of the Facebook People Analytics team (one of the most mature teams in the country), and he’s a reg... Read More

Women in Leadership: Expanding Influence and Leading Change

By Sally Helgesen / Premier Expert on Women's Leadership | Best-Selling Author | International Speaker

Sally Helgesen is the bestselling author of seven books including her latest book, "How Women Rise," co-authored with Marshall Goldsmith. In this session, Sally will draw on decades of stories and insights to identify the twelve most common habits that undermine women in their quest to become more s... Read More

Talent Alignment During Leadership Change

By Sandy Ogg / Former CHRO, Unilever and Board Member, INSEAD, CEO.works

During times of leadership change, full alignment between management and employees is more important than ever to create a successful corporate culture. In this session, we'll investigate how business leaders can act as the driving force to creating a strong corporate culture, and an environment whe... Read More

Managing Oneself Through Busyness, Uncertainty and Change

By Julie Rosenberg / Author of Beyond the Mat, Enlightened Leadership LLC

As workers today, we have a responsibility to manage ourselves. As individuals, not only do we need to manage ourselves, but we are ultimately responsible for our health and wellbeing. Both of these responsibilities are challenging in modern times, as we live with constant busyness, uncertainty and ... Read More

Digital Tools - Using HR Analytics in a Powerful Way

By Agnes Johansen / Vice President People and Leadership, Equinor

HR needs to become a more active business partner to leaders in helping them make more informed leadership decisions. In order to do so, HR must take part in the process of providing data in a highly participative and contextual manner. In an effort to become better at using digital tools for HR an... Read More

What Leaders need to know in order to create and sustain an agile organizational culture

By Mary Eggers / Senior Partner and co-developer of “Whole-Scale® Change.”, Dannemiller Tyson Associates (DTA)

Working with organizations around the globe, we have found it universally true that people support what they help to create. This session focuses on a few of the robust Whole-Scale® principles and models that support an agile, empowered culture. Read More

Agile Transformation

By Mary Tabata / Teaching Assistant, Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School & Senior Research Associate, Best Practice Institute

It’s common to think about how Agile Frameworks transform our development and process life cycles. But how can Agile Thinking transform the culture of our whole organization? Innovating ways to bring Agile to whole systems can create breakthrough change and engage stakeholder on all levels. ... Read More
VR and AR are here. Apple ARKit and Google ARCore are turning two billion phones into a magic lens that can arm your workforce with superpowers. Full-body VR offers a digital rehearsal space of such convincing verisimilitude that learners feel they are actually there. How are Fortune 500 companies d... Read More

Create a Culture of Connection

By Michael Lee Stallard / Expert on how effective leaders boost human connection in cultures to improve performance, Meyer Partners

Leaders who develop and maintain a workplace culture infused with connection so that people feel included, supported and part of the team, see a marked difference in performance. Employees who feel connected to people at work are not only healthier and happier, they are also more productive, more en... Read More

The Generation Creative Leader

By Bruce Cryer / Founder of Renaissance Human

Bruce Cryer draws upon a diverse professional background in business management, leadership development, and resilience training, along with refined artistic skills as a singer, writer, dancer, and photographer in helping people find their creative brilliance in business and personal life. Bruc... Read More

Leadership Lexicon

By Richard Bellingham / Executive Coaching and HR Management Consulting, iobility

The idea is to frame all leadership competencies in a two dimensional grid. On the x axis are the 3 meta-skills of leadership: Identify, Build, and Drive. On the y axis are the four dimensions of leadership: Know and Grow Yourself, Know and Grow Your Team, Know and Grow your Organization, and Kn... Read More

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent During Times of Change

By Bryan Miller / Senior Director, Organization Effectiveness and Talent Management, Battelle

The business world is changing a break-neck speed. Mergers/Acquisition/Restructuring/Downsizing. During times of major change within organizations, employees, especially top talent, become vulnerable to turnover. Having strong retention strategies are key, and making sure that your employer brand do... Read More
There is a ton a talk around HR Analytics, covering everything from AI to ROI. Yet, despite the talk and the excitement and the attention and everything that comes with it, progress has been slow. Why? There are a host of reasons, but the critical reason is simply that those who have grown t... Read More

B State: Transforming Your Business and Culture in Rapid Time to Achieve Breakthrough Measurable Results

By Mark Samuel / AuthorFounder | CEO | Rapid Culture Change | Award Winning Author | Speaker | Rapid Breakthrough Results, IMPAQ Corporation

Businesses, especially global ones, are challenged to keep pace with the speed of change in their industry. Emerging competition, regulatory standards, M&A’s, new technology, and changing customer demands are forcing organizations to rethink their business models, corporate culture, organizational... Read More

Best Practices in Finding & Retaining Skilled Workers in Challenging Environments

By Bpi / Learning and Leadership Development Staff, Best Practice Institute

Filling the talent pipeline for skilled workers can be a challenge. Talent acquisition should not hold back growth for technology-enabled manufacturing. How can organizations find and retain talent in challenging environments? Companies are thinking creatively to find ways to address talent short... Read More

Best Practices Next Generation/Multi-Generational Workforce Transformation Research

By Bpi / Learning and Leadership Development Staff, Best Practice Institute

What kind of flexibility, agility, and changes are needed to acquire, hire, develop, and enable the high performance of the next generation/multi-generational workforce? Read More

Talent 2.0: Shifting to Human Capital

By Michael Arena / Chief Talent Officer, General Motors

Michael Arena shares his insights from his book, Adaptive Space which describes how connections, ideas, information, and resources allow for greater innovation and adaptability in your organization. Read More

Senior Executive Board Best Practice Benchmark-It: Creating a Culture of Coaching

By Bpi / Learning and Leadership Development Staff, Best Practice Institute

BPI Research Presentation - Best Practices in Talent Management Transformation

By Bpi / Learning and Leadership Development Staff, Best Practice Institute

The BPI Senior Executive Board holds a benchmarking and dialogue session the second Tuesday of each month. Come prepared to learn and share your knowledge and expertise - as well as take part in BPI's process of team development and transformation online. Each Senior Executive Board member may bring... Read More