Global Benchmarking For Diversity & Inclusion (Part 1) - Best Practice Institute
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Global Benchmarking For Diversity & Inclusion (Part 1)

Presenter: Alan Richter, Board Member, The Centre for Global Inclusion


Based on extensive contributions from 79 Expert Panelists around the world, this online research presentation and learning session, along with a new diversity and inclusion model, illustrates what excellent diversity and inclusion work looks like today. We will explore the research and twelve categories that make up the Global Ethics and Integrity Benchmarks, using expert input worldwide. The twelve categories cover a wide range of topics, including vision and goals, leadership, infrastructure, legal compliance, measurement, corporate social responsibility, and others.

What Will You Learn

-How to Assess the Current State of your Organization
-Determine Short and Long-term Diversity Goals
-How to Measure Progress Against Global Best Practices
-Key Learnings around Diversity & Inclusion

Who Will Participate

All leaders across all types of organizations, Human Resource leaders, communication leaders, compliance and ethics practitioners, Diversity & Inclusion leaders and practitioners


Alan Richter

Board Member, The Centre for Global Inclusion

Access Resource

60 Minutes