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Creating a Mentoring Culture: What Leaders Need to Know and Do

Presenter: Lois Zachary, President, Leadership Development Services, LLC


In this webinar, Lois Zachary makes the case for creating a mentoring culture to support individual and organizational mentoring programs and initiatives. The webinar fast tracks participants through the process of creating a vibrant mentoring culture, beginning with creating a shared vision, organizational mentoring and assessing and designing appropriate mentoring opportunities.

Mentoring requires a culture to support its implementation and fully integrate it into the organization. According to Dr. Lois Zachary, author of Creating a Mentoring Culture, “A mentoring culture is a vivid expression of organizational vitality. It enables an organization to enhance the learning that takes place throughout the organization, leverage its energy, and better utilize and maximize its time, effort and resources.”

What Will You Learn

-How to Develop, Implement and Enhance Mentoring Practices within an Organization
-The 8 Hallmarks of a Mentoring Culture
-How to Assess Organizational Readiness
-Optional configurations and venues for mentoring
-What leaders need to do to support mentoring sustainability

Who Will Participate

-Executives, People responsible for desigining, developing & implementing mentoring programs, Managers, C-Suite Leaders


Lois Zachary

President, Leadership Development Services, LLC

Access Resource

60 Minutes