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Building a Culture of Integrity and Ethical Policies

Presenter: Scott Ventrella, Executive Leadership Development, Author, and Radio Personality


Total organization integrity is an organizational framework and mindset for creating corporate identities of the highest ethical standards. Traditional business ethics has focused primarily on legal and compliance issues. In short, the thrust was on “how to stay out of trouble,” or if you somehow found your way into trouble, “how to get out of it.” But legal and compliance codes represent nothing more than the minimum requirements. Companies desiring a more dynamic, holistic approach to ethics need to go well beyond the basics and move toward total organizational integrity.

What Will You Learn

•Identify the driving forces underscoring both the need and the urgency for establishing a fully integrated ethical framework
•Provide a practical step-by-step approach for building a “culture of integrity”
•Detail the process for aligning all employees actions in congruence with ethical policy
•Share best practices from successful companies


Scott Ventrella

Executive Leadership Development, Author, and Radio Personality

Access Resource

60 Minutes