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Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

Presenter: Ken Cloke, BPI ExpertMediator, Arbitrator, Alternative Dispute Resolution Consultant and Contractor


Every workplace generates chronic conflicts, yet few organizations have examined their "conflict cultures" to see how their conflicts get sparked, escalated, and reinforced. Fewer still have conducted "conflict audits" to discover where these streams of conflict come from, or designed multi-layered, complex, self-correcting systems that improve their capacity for conflict prevention, management, resolution and transcendence.

Instead, conflicts are viewed as personal failures; structures, systems and strategies are left unexamined, in spite of their contribution to the continuation of the conflict; and the human beings who work in the organization increasingly suffer from loss of communication, collaboration, trust and morale.

This workshop will identify the emotional, interpersonal, and systemic sources of conflict, the principles of "conflict resolution systems design," the social psychology and structural dynamics of workplace conflict, the options for solutions, including those that redesign the way we work; and ways we can use conflicts as opportunities for personal growth, organization learning, systemic change, emotional healing and forgiveness, and transformation.

[The session will be based partly on Kenneth Cloke and Joan Goldsmith, Resolving Conflicts at Work: 10 Strategies for Everyone on the Job, (3rd Edition), 2011.]

What Will You Learn

-10 Strategies for Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
-How to Manage Conflict
-The Process used for Identifying the True Source of Conflict
-How to Gain Growth for an Organization Through Conflict

Who Will Participate

-Managers, Directors, Key Decision Makers, Problem Solvers, anyone who wants to help grow their organization through conflict resolution.


Ken Cloke

BPI ExpertMediator, Arbitrator, Alternative Dispute Resolution Consultant and Contractor

Access Resource

60 Minutes