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How Global Leaders Develop

Presenter: Steve Terrell, Expert in Learning Mindset | Leadership & Organization Development | Facilitator | Author


Global organizations face complexity in the dynamics of multiplicity, interdependence, ambiguity, and flux. These forces are driving an increased need for global leaders who possess new competencies that enable them to respond and lead effectively. Many global organizations are finding that their supply of global leaders, or even individuals with the potential to become global leaders, does not match the demand. In this webinar, Steve Terrell will present the results of his research into the developmental experiences global leaders identified as being important in their development as global leaders, as well as what and how they learned from the experiences. Conclusions from this study indicate that global leaders (a) develop through first-hand, cross-cultural and global leadership experience; (b) learn the importance and value of cultural sensitivity, relationships and networks, and curiosity or desire to learn as a result of their developmental experiences; (c) require a unique set of global leadership competencies to effectively fulfill their roles; (d) are driven by curiosity, openness, and a desire to learn; and (e) develop and learn intuitively, dynamically employing ad hoc learning approaches. Implications of these significant findings for global leadership development practitioners in all industries will be discussed.

What Will You Learn

• You will discover the types of experiences global leaders found to be important in their development, and what made those experiences developmental for them.
• You will find out what global leaders said they learned as a result of their developmental experiences.
• We will examine some of the traits and characteristics that seem to enable global leaders to grow and develop through their experiences.
• We will review the global leadership competencies that these global leaders identified as being important to their ability to fulfill their roles.
• You will learn how global leaders transformed their experiences into insight, knowledge, and skills.
• We will review the implications of this research for global leadership development practitioners.

Who Will Participate

• The information covered in this webinar will be of interest and value to individuals who are practitioners in global leadership development; global leader assessment, recruiting, and selection; and those who are interested in global leadership as a field of research and/or practice.


Steve Terrell

Expert in Learning Mindset | Leadership & Organization Development | Facilitator | Author

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60 Minutes