Top Teaming: A Roadmap for Leadership Teams Navigating the Now, the New, and the Next - Best Practice Institute
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Top Teaming: A Roadmap for Leadership Teams Navigating the Now, the New, and the Next

Presenter: Lawrence Levin, Founder and CEO, The Levin Group LLC


These are tough times for top executive teams who are faced with a new series of challenges and paradoxes that require new mindsets and thinking about driving success. Top Teams carry with them tremendous Collective Intelligence in their deep, operating experience, and the ability to exert significant influence over their company’s direction, focus, and performance. They have both the opportunity and obligation to navigate big change and make a significant difference in the future of their organizations. Ultimately, they are responsible for dealing with both the “Now and the New”—the current realities and the evolving future.

While all Top Teams have this responsibility, only some do it well. Even fewer do it well when under tremendous stress and pressure. Becoming a High Performing Team – a goal for most teams is now just the ticket of admission to today’s complex and ambiguous world. In my research and interviews with senior leaders, I have found that there are ten essential groups of practices that differentiate and elevate Top Teams from classic high performing teams and groups of talented individuals. These are the “must-dos” that make the difference between great teams that drive great results and everybody else.

What Will You Learn

- How the major challenges faced by Leadership Teams today differ from those in the past
- The power of articulating the Senior Purpose of a team – what it is really FOR
- One Size does not Fit All – Defining the kind of Team we need to be
- Defining and Managing the Critical Intersections
- The Art of the Advance: How Good Teams Get Even Better
- Trust over Peace: Addressing and Resolving the Issues that Matter
- Focusing on the Now and the New
- Driving the Fierce Urgency of “Now”: The Need for Execution Excellence
- Building Relational Intelligence (RI) and Collective Intelligence (CI)
- The Person of the Leader: A Conscious and Deliberate Process
- Making High-Performing Teams into Top Teams
- Demonstrating Courage in the Face of Uncertainty: Top Teams in Tough Times

Who Will Participate

Anyone who is in or supports a Leadership Team including C-level, VP, Managers and Directors, Functional Leaders, HR/OD/OE staff, consultants, and those who aspire to serve on leadership teams.


Lawrence Levin

Founder and CEO, The Levin Group LLC

Access Resource

60 Minutes