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Developing Effective Transformational Leaders & Agents of Change

Presenter: Ricardo Bullock, CEO/President, ARCEBE Consulting Group


In the business world constant “change” is inevitable and many organizations are finding themselves unprepared to implement the transformation required to address what’s becoming the greatest challenge facing industries worldwide. This element of “change” impacts every aspect of the organization and decisions made by organizational leaders to address this changing environment is more often becoming the factor that ultimately determines the success or failure of an organization. In this webinar, Ricardo will address the challenges of organizational transformation and the many facets of developing effective transformational leaders.

What Will You Learn

-Understand the challenges of implementing Change
-Levels and types of Change experienced in an organization
-The framework for Transformational Leadership
-How to create a culture of Change and Transformation Leadership in your organization
-Techniques for leading Change
-How to measure the impact of your Transformational Leadership development program
-Establishing an Office of Change Management division in your organization

Who Will Participate

- Corporate Executive Leadership
- Organization Development (OD) professionals
- Human Resource (HR) professionals
- Educators in Leadership Development


Ricardo Bullock

CEO/President, ARCEBE Consulting Group

Access Resource

60 Minutes