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How to Develop Leaders for the Next Decade

Presenter: Edith Onderick-Harvey , President, Factor In Talent


The world of work at the dawn of the new decade is one where leaders are functioning in an increasingly complex, diverse and dispersed business environment. It’s an environment marked by economic upheaval, global competition and global collaboration, breakneck technological advances and multiple work option, all of which mean different strategies will be needed to drive performance. However, sixty-percent or fewer executives and senior HR leaders surveyed believe that C-Suite leaders are skilled in most of the key leadership capabilities needed for their organizations to succeed in the next decade.

What Will You Learn

•The key forces impacting and rapidly changing the work environment.
•Five key abilities that leaders need to demonstrate to lead growth in the future.
•Areas where leaders may be highly capable that may decrease their organization’s abilities to compete in the future.
•How to prepare leaders for success in the next decade

Who Will Participate

This webinar will discuss the key forces that will be impacting organizations and their competitiveness for the foreseeable future. It will then review the key skills that are needed by three key levels of leaders – the C-suite, executives and mid-level leaders – to build organizations that will compete and thrive over the next decade. We will also discuss areas where leaders are highly skilled now that may actually hold their organizations back in a world of increasing competition and rapid cha


Edith Onderick-Harvey

President, Factor In Talent

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60 Minutes