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Harnessing the Power of High Potential Women for Real Business Impact

Presenter: Lynne Morton, independent consultant, Lynne Morton consulting and coaching


Are you one of those organizations that successfully recruits women, but is significantly less successful at retaining them? If so, you don’t reap the benefits of this key component of the workforce… the positive impact business results and organizational culture that women offer. It’s possible, and it’s time, to do this.

Lynne Morton will show you how to take on this important challenge: how to recognize the differences in professional development between men and women… how to structure learning initiatives that look at aspiration and potential in focused and aligned ways… how to create a workforce that can take you to a higher level of success. She brings deep knowledge and personal passion, along with examples of creative approaches that have worked. An award-winning coach and consultant, Lynne will take you beyond the research onto a path for real personal and organizational enrichment.

What Will You Learn

You will see what a powerful business impact High Potential women have on business results and on organizational culture. After understanding the importance of the business case, you’ll learn specific ways to develop and retain High Potential women. You’ll learn when and how blended learning solutions (workshops plus coaching) can be effective and when executive coaching alone can have the highest impact. You’ll be ready to develop your High Potential women in ways that align individual and organizational potential for a high powered effect.

Who Will Participate

OD and HR professionals, Diversity Professionals, Line and Senior Management Executives, High Potential Women


Lynne Morton

independent consultant, Lynne Morton consulting and coaching

Access Resource

60 Minutes