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Moving Beyond Management Succession Planning to Technical Succession Planning

Presenter: William Rothwell, President, Rothwell & Associates, Inc.


What is succession planning? How does it differ from replacement planning, succession management, talent management, workforce planning, and Human Capital Management programs? Based on extensive research and experience in working with Fortune 500 organizations and others worldwide for the past 25 years, William will share with the audience a checklist to compare their organizational succession programs to best practices.

William will share his experience in working with numerous organizations to create a framework for succession planning that brings results.

What Will You Learn

Participants will:
-Hear some important definitions and understand how different concepts relate to application
-Compare their own programs to best practice research
-Learn how to address the most common problems and mistakes made in implementing succession planning programs


William Rothwell

President, Rothwell & Associates, Inc.

Access Resource

60 Minutes