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The Next Level

Presenter: Scott Eblin, Leadership Expert, Global Speaker, Best-selling Author, Executive Coach


Scott will share a new approach to building high potential leaders, illustrate the approach to through the Sallie Mae experience, have a "lessons-learned" conversation about the approach.

Every day, high performers are tapped to be executives and then left alone to figure out how to succeed in their new role. On the contrary, companies like Sallie Mae have not left these transitions to chance and have instead chosen to support the success of leaders who are moving upwards. In this webinar, Michael Hynes (VP - Leadership Development for Sallie Mae) and Scott Eblin (author of The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success) share their results from the Next Level Leadership group coaching program in place at Sallie Mae. They provide a high level overview of the benefits of a program that supports the individual as well as leverages the experiences of the group to achieve a larger, organizationally focused impact. Sallie Mae reports several key success metrics such as improved leadership effectiveness, a significant promotion record of program alumni, and outcomes that have been sustained well beyond the original program by those groups that continue to work together to drive business improvements.


Scott Eblin

Leadership Expert, Global Speaker, Best-selling Author, Executive Coach

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60 Minutes