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7 Questions Every Leader Needs to Ask

Presenter: John Baldoni, Executive Coach & Leadership Educator


Asking the right questions is something that every leader must do. It is a leader’s responsibility to ask questions that probe to the heart of a problem and challenge people to think very deeply about what is possible, probable, and doable. Executives pay executive coaches many thousands of dollars to challenge them in this way, but you don’t always need an outsider ask good questions. In fact, asking good questions is a practice that all leaders can cultivate.

Drawing upon real life examples drawn from the headlines as well as professional experience, John Baldoni will explore leadership questions that explore leadership from the inside out.

John Baldoni is an internationally-recognized leadership consultant, coach, speaker, and author.

John specializes in helping his clients discover and achieve leadership presence, which he defines as “earned authority.” Those with leadership presence demonstrate a strong capacity to project confidence, communicate with conviction, instill trust, and most importantly, lead by example. Leadership presence combines a leader’s earned authority with a follower’s reason to believe. While leaders project their leadership, followers authorize it with their approval. What matters to us most is authenticity. Leadership presence can be taught and put into practice through focused coaching.


John Baldoni

Executive Coach & Leadership Educator

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