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Building Organizational Capability: Measurement-Based Leadership Coaching

Presenter: Chris Coffey, Senior Executive Coach, Prism Ltd


To succeed in the current business landscape, organizations need to operate at the highest levels of performance, and this is especially true for key contributors in leadership roles. An effective leadership coaching strategy is an important option to consider in developing and supporting their performance capabilities. This webinar will focus like a laser on Marshall Goldsmith’s stakeholder centered coaching process for internal and external coaches. Chris Coffey will provide an overview of this unique coaching process and how change is measured and documented.

Successful implementation of this approach in an organization depends not only on the program design, but the ability to measure its effectiveness. Judy Bradle, OD Specialist at MSA in Pittsburgh, PA, will share her experience in developing and implementing a stakeholder centered coaching program there. This program has focused on developing leadership coaching strategies to increase the performance capabilities of identified managers, supervisors, and key contributors to meet MSA’s business goals. Judy will also share the results achieved in the program (ex: an 82.5% improvement in participant goal attainment from baseline), and valuable lessons learned along the way.

What Will You Learn

1.The Belief Set of Successful Leaders (+ and -), and who to make the investment in.
2.The key principles of this “unique coaching process”.
3. Key considerations when developing an organizational approach to implementing stakeholder-centered coaching, such as:
•Positioning and buy-in
•Selection of coaches and leaders to be coached
•Program development & methods
•How the results are measured and the benefits to individuals and the organization.
4. Lessons learned by everyone involved in the process.

Who Will Participate

Anyone interested in improving themselves, another person, a team, or implementing a leadership based organizational program to get business results utilizing internal and/or external coaches.


Chris Coffey

Senior Executive Coach, Prism Ltd

Access Resource

60 Minutes