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Making Organizations Adaptable: Building a Leadership Development Agenda that Works

Presenter: Ralph Jacobson, Founder of The Leader's Toolbox, coach, author, speaker, The Leader's Toolbox


Finding the traditional leadership development approaches inadequate to meet the ever increasing leadership challenges, Ralph created The Leader’s Toolbox®. He will show us how to build companies of leaders by teaching them how to tackle the difficult challenges they face—-forever. He turns conventional wisdom upside down. Rather than focus on the abilities of individual leaders, he provides common leadership language, processes, and tools that allow leaders at all levels to break down the silos and do the leadership work together. He shows leaders what they have to do—-not what they have to be. As a result, the impact to organization performance is more dramatic and direct. The Leader’s Toolbox® methodology is easier to implement, creates greater leader engagement, more predictable in its outcome, and is far less expensive than mainstream leadership development methods.

What Will You Learn

As someone who is passionate about building an adaptable organization, you will:
• Learn how to create a leadership development process that immediately impacts organization performance
• Understand the difference between leader and leadership
• See leadership as a process that can be taught, learned, measured, and improved
• Hear example stories where the Toolbox has been successfully implemented


Ralph Jacobson

Founder of The Leader's Toolbox, coach, author, speaker, The Leader's Toolbox

Access Resource

60 Minutes