Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization Back On the Growth Track - And Keeping It There - Best Practice Institute
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Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization Back On the Growth Track - And Keeping It There

Presenter: Les McKeown, CEO, Predictable Success LLC


If you own, manage, or work for any kind of organization, you have one goal above all else — success. And not just occasional, elusive, or temporary success. You’re looking for:

• Success you understand and can control
• Success you can maintain indefinitely
• Success you can replicate
• Success you can scale
• Success that isn’t dependent on you alone
• Success you can teach to others

In short, you’re looking for PREDICTABLE Success. In this timely, informative yet motivating webinar, experienced business advisor Les McKeown takes you step-by-step through a startlingly simple, intuitive, and universal process that shows you how to bring sustained, lasting, predictable success to your organization. Whether you're the founder/owner of a fast-growing company, a harried executive in a large organization, a manager in a resource-challenged not-for profit, or an HR or OD practitioner wanting to add value in your organization, this webinar will provide you with a precise road map to renewed growth and business success, starting from where you are today.

Whatever your challenge, Predictable Success shows you the exact steps to take to restore equilibrium to your organization, re-ignite confidence in your own management skills, and lead your team forward to the next stage in growth.

What Will You Learn

• The 7-stage growth curve that EVERY organization goes through
• How to tell where your organization, division, department, group, team or project is on the growth curve
• What you need to do to get to the apex of the growth curve - the stage Les McKeown calls 'Predictable Success'
• How to stay in Predictable Success indefinitely
• What to do if you have failed to reach Predictable Success, or if you have overshot it

Who Will Participate

Predictable Success is a vital tool for anyone involved in helping a group of people achieve their common goals. If you lead, manage or work for an organization, a division, a department, group, project or team - whether for-profit or not-for-profit, then this webinar is for you.


Les McKeown

CEO, Predictable Success LLC

Access Resource

60 Minutes