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Tapping the Fire Within: Motivating and Engaging Your Workforce

Presenter: Edith Onderick-Harvey , President, Factor In Talent


You can feel it in almost any workplace today. Morale is low, motivation and engagement are slipping on a daily basis. One of the biggest issues today’s leader faces is engaging a workforce, tapping into their desire to perform at a high level bringing more fire and energy to their work.

When asked how leaders can engage and motivate, the first response is often money, bonuses, or other extrinsic motivators. In today’s environment, these are scarce resources. While these may generate short term results, leaders need to build environments that tap into the internal drivers that make each one of us strive for excellence.

In this webinar, Edith Onderick-Harvey will introduce you to a framework that taps into proven drivers of engagement. She will explore the four factors that impact how individual engagement and to what degree they are present in your workplace. She’ll present a framework for effective conversations that will set the stage for improved motivation and performance.

What Will You Learn

•Debunk the myths of engagement and motivation – why what we think we know doesn’t drive sustained motivation and performance.
•Identify the drivers of intrinsic motivation – use a four-part framework for understanding how people are motivated no matter what their role. Assess your own definition of meaningfulness and how it drives you, as well as how to help others assess their personal meaningfulness in work.
•Utilize meaningfulness in work – gain clarity about how personal values impact work engagement and how to better understand each individual’s link between values and work.
•Develop a conversation framework to increase engagement – gain confidence in discussing the personal engagement levels in a non-threatening or judgmental way.

Who Will Participate

This webinar is for executives, managers, team leaders and HR professionals who are responsible for engaging their team, concerned with workforce engagement and short- and long-term performance.


Edith Onderick-Harvey

President, Factor In Talent

Access Resource

60 Minutes