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The 3rd Order: How Great Organizations Use Genetics and Death-Zones To Survive and Succeed

Presenter: Don Schmincke, Strategic Growth Advisor, Author, Schmincke Research Alliance


HR and organizational development professionals today feel more pressure for producing strategic, versus operational, results than ever before. It's a difficult spot to be in as CEOs emerge from the recession asking the tough questions:
•Where are all the new leaders we should be getting from our leadership development efforts?
•Why are our change programs failing to produce change?
•How come our OD efforts can't stop the politics?

Don Schmincke’s refreshing perspective addresses these issues using scientific, yet provocative, alternatives to modern leadership hype. The hidden solutions revealed through anthropology, evolutionary genetics, and death-zone altitudes will shock you. Based on his books, "The Code of the Executive" and “High Altitude Leadership”, Don irreverently and humorously dispels “program-of-the-month” theories and replaces them with revolutionary, controversial insights.

What Will You Learn

Audiences walk away with novel and energizing leadership approaches including:
•An ancient leadership model that has driven success for centuries.
•The seduction that causes HR and change programs to fail and what to do about it.
•The hidden threat to profits and human performance, and why it’s avoided by mainstream experts.
•How human biology sabotages organizational success, and how to overcome it.

Who Will Participate

HR executives and staff responsible for leadership, change and organizational development.


Don Schmincke

Strategic Growth Advisor, Author, Schmincke Research Alliance

Access Resource

60 Minutes