THE EXECUTIVE ATHLETE: How To Be A Peak Performer In Business, Sports, and Life - Best Practice Institute
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THE EXECUTIVE ATHLETE: How To Be A Peak Performer In Business, Sports, and Life

Presenter: Richard Gerson, Author - Speaker - Thought Leader


This program will do two things for the attendees. It will help them identify and understand the link between their performances in business and how that relates to an athlete’s performance in sports. And, it will help them identify techniques, similar to what top athletes use, to achieve peak performance, on demand, in any area they choose, whenever they need it.

The relationship between superior performance in business and athletics is greater than most people think. Executives must train their minds and their bodies for their jobs in much the same way that athletes train for their sports. There is a physical conditioning factor, an emotional factor, and a mental factor that plays into achieving success and peak performance. Both executives and athletes must work hard to become the best at what they do by working on these three areas.

Then, there is that one time that everything flows; everything clicks. The executive and the athlete achieve PEAK PERFORMANCE. They are in “The ZONE.” They are in “FLOW”. We now have a variety of techniques to help executives achieve this peak performance state on demand, whenever they need it. The factors that go into the development of these skills and how to practice them will be taught to the attendees. The Executive Athlete program can be taught as a 1 day or a 2 day program. Support materials include two of Dr. Gerson’s books, Winning the Inner Game of Selling, and HEADcoaching: Mental Training for Peak Performance. Additionally, participants receive a workbook that covers the material in the program.


Richard Gerson

Author - Speaker - Thought Leader

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