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HR’s Role in Hiring Innovators and Game Changers

Presenter: John Sullivan, Speaker, Advisor to Management, Author and Professor


Any review of the latest topics of interest to global business leaders would reveal that “innovation” is a key issue and area of concern for businesses large and small. After years of investing billions in research and development, many of the world’s largest companies have yet to produce any results that make the investments seem worthwhile. Meanwhile, small upstart businesses seem very adept at developing category killer products and services that pose significant challenges to established market leaders.

While innovation has always been a cornerstone for such firms and General Electric and Proctor & Gamble, now more than ever before it is an issue driving corporate strategy.

Senior leaders seem content that cost containment efforts have trimmed existing processes down to their most efficient stance, that Six Sigma quality efforts have driven process effectiveness forward at breakneck speed, and that outsourcing has firmly established itself where it makes business sense, but innovation for many remains elusive.

Unfortunately, when it comes to spearheading efforts to drive innovation, HR professionals are once again shying away from exercising any opportunity to prove they can be strategic and actually step up to the plate as a business partner.

The time has come for HR to seize the opportunity before it and become a driver in developing and encouraging corporate innovation. Innovation is something that can no longer exist as simply an expectation of research and development efforts, it must advance, be developed, and managed as a corporate wide core competence. Innovation must permeate every aspect and process of the organization. In a world of rapid change where competitors can mimic best practices and products faster than ever before, innovation stands out as the one remaining way to maintain a competitive advantage.

This webinar will outline some of the key actions a modern HR organization can take to retool archaic recruiting and retention processes to focus on building a talent pool that possesses competencies critical to innovation.


John Sullivan

Speaker, Advisor to Management, Author and Professor

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