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Maximizing Your Talent Pool Through Coaching

Presenter: Brad Agry, Principal of CareerTeam Partners, Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer


There was a time when coaching was considered something remedial---a kind of stop-gap measure to take care of “problem” managers. The fact is, nowadays many new hires with high potential actually are negotiating the ongoing services of a coach as part of their acceptance packages! This powerful tool allows individuals in organizations at all levels to systematically understand what skills and behaviors they want to proactively work on in order to be better leaders and be more successful in their careers.

Learn in this webinar which specific type of work situations best lend them themselves to coaching. Discover what an effective coach should and should not do. For the manager, this means learning how to dig deep as to what the employee’s real needs are and how to guide then to a measurable program of improvement.

What Will You Learn

-The differences between managing, mentoring, counseling, and coaching and when each type of action is most appropriate and how to define different “roles”
-Realizing also when you can’t wear all these “hats” and what to do about possible conflicts of interest
-Real-life examples of work scenarios where coaching has worked and has not been as effective as other types of solutions
-Different methodological approaches for skills-based versus behavioral/interpersonal coaching
-How to effectively integrate coaching into the whole employee performance appraisal/feedback system within your organization
-Recognizing when and why you need to engage an outside coach and how to locate, evaluate, and engage them.

Who Will Participate

This information is useful to anyone within an organization who coaches colleagues, clients, subordinates or team-members. Similarly, it is crucial for any of these typical people receiving such coaching to understand the nature of the dual partner relationship. Internal human resources, corporate training and development individuals will also benefit from the information presented.


Brad Agry

Principal of CareerTeam Partners, Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer

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60 Minutes