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A Measurement Based Approach to Leadership Coaching

Presenter: Chris Coffey, Senior Executive Coach, Prism Ltd


Words and phrases have meanings. For example: leadership development, talent management, high potential talent, coaching and mentoring, and many others. This webinar will focus like a laser on Marshall Goldsmith's stakeholder centered coaching process. Internal and external coaches have been trained in this stakeholder centered coaching approach. Chris and Frank will provide a very detailed overview of the macro and micro impact of this unique coaching process and how the change is measured and documented.

What Will You Learn

1.Belief Set of Successful Leaders (+ and -). Who to make the investment in.
2.The key principles of this “unique coaching process”
3.The flow and focus of the process
4.The coaching skills needed by the coach
5.How the results are measured and the ROI to individuals and the organization.

Who Will Participate

Anyone interested in improving themselves, another person, or a team. If your organization is looking to develop internal coaches, utilize external coaches, or the utilization of both internal and external coaches.


Chris Coffey

Senior Executive Coach, Prism Ltd

Access Resource

60 Minutes