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Why We Struggle to Work Together… What to Do About It

Presenter: Ralph Jacobson, Founder of The Leader's Toolbox, coach, author, speaker, The Leader's Toolbox


Organization life is often experienced as a high stakes drama with different departments, divisions, teams, and leaders tugging at one another for resources, time, and money. Often the fight is presumed to be about personality differences, power struggles, and ineffective leadership. So we invest thousands of dollars, create new training programs, implement new accountability systems, change personnel, or modify the organization’s structure only to have the drama re-appear.

In our recent and nascent research with leaders we find that they too struggle with these issues which seem to defy solution. They feel confident to handle problems to be solved; confident that they can address potential uncertainties. But they do not know how to define and address those issues when they feel between a rock and a hard place…when “either/or” solutions simply don’t work.

This presentation offers leaders, managers and Human Resources professionals powerful insights into paradoxes... why they are so pervasive, why they occur, and what to do about them.

What Will You Learn

You will leave this presentation understanding that many of the challenges you experience can never be resolved, no matter what you do. You may learn how to address challenges you have personally vexed you for many years. We delve into the concept of paradox and how it is at the root-cause of organization strife. Then we define the organization, role, and leadership paradoxes and how they impact behavior and organization performance. We will see why traditional training programs and improvement initiatives fail to make a significant impact. You will leave with alternative approaches that are easier to develop, implement and are far more powerful.

Who Will Participate

This methodology is appropriate for leaders and managers who are taking their organizations through a change initiative or want to learn how they can become more influential when working across organization silos. Human Resource professionals will find this helps them better understand organization dynamics, relate to issues presented at the leadership table, and in the development of more effective training programs.


Ralph Jacobson

Founder of The Leader's Toolbox, coach, author, speaker, The Leader's Toolbox

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60 Minutes