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Experiential Learning for Innovation and Culture Change

Presenter: Paul Kwiecinski, Managing Partner, Face The Music


Retention and integration of training and development programs is an ongoing issue, as the well-crafted design and agenda have to withstand the heat and friction of re-entry into the day-to-day demands of the work atmosphere. And if you are looking for innovation and a shift in culture, you need powerful tools to support and sustain growth. Experiential activities are an efficient and effective strategy for addressing all learning styles, can help to re-energize learning sessions, and can be structured to address the critical issues and or strategies that the participants are dealing with in their work environment.

In this webinar, Paul will look at how experiential learning can be incorporated into effective designs for leadership development, training, change initiatives, post-merger integration, and other organizational programs or initiatives. He will touch on how the use of experiential learning is supported by learning theory and brain research, and provide examples of how it has been implemented in some of the situations mentioned above.

What Will You Learn

- How to reinforce a program with experiential learning, or how to use it as a central strategy for effectiveness as well as branding that program as one that is innovative and stands out from the rest of the menu.
- How providing a unique experience translates in to learning retention and employee retention.
- Examples of how this has been used in a variety of organizational situations

Who Will Participate

Executives or directors in executive development, organizational effectiveness, training and development, or change management


Paul Kwiecinski

Managing Partner, Face The Music

Access Resource

60 Minutes