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From Tao to Dow


Based on his 25 years of experience in designing and implementing leadership development solutions, as well as his extensive knowledge of the latest research and thought leadership about learning, Steve will share his insights into how to enhance leaders’ ability to learn from experience. He will challenge participants’ thinking about how leaders learn from experience, and stimulate them to take steps to improve their own ability, and their organization’s ability, to learn from experience.

Formal methods of business analysis and decision making are heavily analytical in nature, while approaches based on personal intuition & creativity are often ignored. Yet, research indicates that employees with dominant analytical side more likely end up in staff positions, while intuitive & creative thinkers generally climb to managerial and executive roles. Not only intuition matters, it may be one of the key ingredients for success.

The I Ching, “Book of Change”, is considered the oldest of the Chinese classics and throughout history has been referred to as a book of fundamental principles and wisdom. The book was consulted regarding specific questions and used as a guide to life’s turning points. The I Ching consists of 64 chapters, which serve as blueprints for key life events and their interdependencies. The consultations with the I Ching engage the intuitive mind and allow one to gain insights, which may not have been possible via the traditional analytical methods.