Shifting Careers from Maps to Apps: Essentials for Development Dialogues - Best Practice Institute
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Shifting Careers from Maps to Apps: Essentials for Development Dialogues

Presenter: Beverly Kaye, Author - Speaker - Thought Leader


This webinar will describe the key career related responses that employees across the generations want from their organizations, and the steps they need to take to answer these questions for themselves. It will also look at the expectations we have of managers as well as HR professionals. Participants will leave with specific tips and suggestions for enhancing, evaluating, or designing a modern approach to developing careers.

In order to have quality products and services, organizations need talent to remain competitive and deliver on both. In a challenging economy, it is easy to take talent for granted. It’s easy to think that employees will stay because there are not many choices for them to pursue. Wrong. Talented employees always have choices, and if they are not actively pursuing those choices now, futurists suggest that they will, as soon as the first signs of a positive economic shift.

One of the key drivers for engagement is the view that individuals have of the availability of career opportunities within their current organization. This requires that managers get comfortable with these conversations and that individuals learn to take responsibility for them and drive choices that are challenging and meaningful.

What Will You Learn

Participants will gain an understanding of the key questions that individuals need to ask and answer as they take full responsibility for driving their own career opportunities. They will learn to broaden the definition of career success and career growth, and they will be able to identify the peer and management support that is essential to implementation.

Who Will Participate

Managers, team leaders, HR professionals


Beverly Kaye

Author - Speaker - Thought Leader

Access Resource

60 Minutes