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Building a Human Capital Strategy

Presenter: Bradley Hall, Senior Advisor, CHRO, Huawei Technologies


For many companies, HR strategies are not strategies at all. They are laundry lists of the coming year’s HR programs. Great programs is not a strategy. A strategy describes how to use one’s resources to beat competitors. For HR, this happens when one company’s people outperform peers at competitors (e.g., our sales reps are better than yours). This presentation will present a human capital strategy that produces sustained competitive advantage. It will describe how to execute the strategy by organization changes, culture changes in HR and by beginning to measure and manage human capital with the same discipline as financial capital.

What Will You Learn

· Four strategic objectives for building sustained competitive advantage
· How HR must fundamentally realign itself to the new strategy
· How to measure, manage and report whether and why human capital has changed year-over-year


Bradley Hall

Senior Advisor, CHRO, Huawei Technologies

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60 Minutes