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How to Develop Leadership in Everyone

Presenter: Joe Raelin, Principal, The Leaderful Consultancy


In this webinar, Dr. Joe Raelin will introduce an exciting new way to think about and practice leadership, in what he calls, "leaderful practice." Thought to be ripe for the requirements of our 21st Century organizations, leaderful practice replaces the conventional heroic model by introducing the four c's: Leaderful leaders are concurrent, collective, collaborative, and compassionate. Facing the sometimes contradictory pressure in our organizations of the need to perform while permitting the autonomy of an increasingly sophisticated workforce, most managers experience leadership as perhaps the most promising yet challenging competency in their operating repertoire. In this session, Joe will explain the value of adopting a leaderful approach by taking participants through the four c’s. Hoping that participants will be willing to or at least curious about creating their own leaderful organization, he will next turn to how to develop one’s group and organization accordingly.

This transition to leaderful practice is referred to as “leaderful development.” It is necessary in most organizations because leaderful behavior is rarely the natural order. Thus, it typically requires the intervention of a change agent or coach who can encourage the endorsement of a culture of learning and participation within the system in question. Joe will review how change agents and managers can incorporate strategies to help clients and employees develop their leaderful behavior at multiple levels of experience: individual, interpersonal, team, organization, and network. Joe’s new fieldbook lays out many such strategies at these levels; accordingly, in this session, he will select one as a means to give participants an experience in “developing leadership in everyone.”

What Will You Learn

By the end of the session, participants will: 1) understand the four critical tenets (the “four c’s”) of leaderful practice and how they differ from the principal qualities of conventional leadership, 2) view themselves as a prospective change agent at one or more of the five levels of change: individual, interpersonal, team, organization, and network, and 3) come away with an efficacy to introduce leaderful practice into their own organization through leaderful development.

Who Will Participate

This session would be most relevant to anyone who sees himself or herself as a change agent in organizations, for example, as a coach, as a facilitator, or just as a manager who cares deeply about encouraging everyone to serve as a leader in his or her organization or network.


Joe Raelin

Principal, The Leaderful Consultancy

Access Resource

60 Minutes