Avoiding the Corporate Death Spiral – Recognizing the Signs of Decline - Best Practice Institute
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Avoiding the Corporate Death Spiral – Recognizing the Signs of Decline

Presenter: Gregg Stocker, Proprietor at Deadman's Second Hand


No matter how large or successful an organization appears to be today, there is no guarantee of survival in the future. There have been too many highly visible and painful reminders of this fact over the last several years. While many of these companies appeared to have fallen apart overnight, the decline actually occurred over several years and resulted from a number of actions, decisions, and behaviors that contributed to the demise.

This webinar will provide an explanation of an organizational death spiral and present the warning signs that precede the decline, which often appear well before financial performance is affected.

The principles and concepts presented are equally applicable to healthcare, manufacturing, or service organizations and are just as important to address during good times as they are in a recession.

What Will You Learn

•The six warning signs of organizational decline;
•How to identify the signs within your business;
•How to address and remove the causes of the warning signs before they noticeably affect financial performance.

Who Will Participate

Business executives in manufacturing and service industries and leaders of non-profit organizations can benefit from the information presented in the webinar. The presentation material is just as applicable to small- and medium-sized businesses as it is for large organizations.


Gregg Stocker

Proprietor at Deadman's Second Hand

Access Resource

60 Minutes