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Seven Startling Truths about Employee Engagement, Revenue and the New Economy

Presenter: Bruce Fern, President and Chief Engagement Solutions Architect, Performance Connections


In this challenging economy, businesses are dependent on retaining customers to generate much needed revenue. Though more constrained, organizations continue to spend on marketing, distribution and product development, but the great misconception is you they achieve customer engagement without employee engagement. It's not possible. In this webinar, Performance Connections, a leader in employee and customer engagement, will reveal the surprising truths that have emerged from their new research that sheds light on how the economy is affecting employee engagement, the vital connection between employee engagement and customer loyalty and the impact on revenue generation. Webinar participants will also be given access to the research report detailing these critical and timely findings.

What Will You Learn

A new more enlightened business-driven definition of employee engagement
How executive leaders impact engagement

What businesses really want their employees to be engaged in

The greatest barriers to engagement

How employee engagement affects customer loyalty

Take home engagement best practices

Who Will Participate

Senior managers
Customer Service Leaders

Senior HR leaders
OD/Change Leaders


Bruce Fern

President and Chief Engagement Solutions Architect, Performance Connections

Access Resource

60 Minutes