Ecolab’s Talent Pipeline: Developing Great Leaders From Within - Best Practice Institute
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Ecolab’s Talent Pipeline: Developing Great Leaders From Within

Presenter: Bob Barnett, Executive Vice President and Partner, MDA Leadership Consulting


Developing the supply and quality of leaders an organization needs in the future is among most executives’ top priorities. At the same time, surveys of these same leaders indicate that many are not confident that their current talent management initiatives will, in fact, successfully fill the leadership pipeline they see that they need. Ecolab, Inc. is an organization who has addressed this issue head-on over the last 5 years.

In this webinar, Mike Meyer and Bob Barnett will describe the talent management framework, models, and approach implemented by Ecolab, Inc. for building their leadership bench strength to support growth in their business. Ecolab’s approach – their “talent pipeline” – is based on implementing and integrating leadership development systems that promote individual action planning and career mobility. Their efforts have preserved the best elements of Ecolab’s results-focused culture and added a well-defined roadmap for individual and leadership development. Mike and Bob will discuss the benefits Ecolab has realized to date and review the “lessons learned” for others who are considering undertaking a similar approach.

What Will You Learn

You will learn about the objectives, design, and outcomes of Ecolab’s talent pipeline system, including how this talent management system was developed, fit to Ecolab’s culture, and how it promotes leadership development and career advancement for Ecolab’s associates. We will look at the way the talent pipeline is managed and supported today, and discuss the benefits and the lessons learned from implementing this global initiative.

Who Will Participate

Senior HR, Talent Management, and Leadership Development professionals and managers.


Bob Barnett

Executive Vice President and Partner, MDA Leadership Consulting

Access Resource

60 Minutes