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Guerrilla Selling: Overcoming Price Barriers

Presenter: Orvel Ray Wilson, Executive Speech Coach | Best-selling author | Guerrilla Marketing Speaker


Cutting your price just to win the sale is business suicide. If you cut your price by just 10%, you have to sell 40% more just to make up the difference. If you’re losing business to lower-priced competition, this webinar will arm you with unconventional weapons and tactics to win the price wars. Featuring award-winning speaker and author Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP.

What Will You Learn

•What to say when you're asked to cut your price
•Why you don't want price shoppers as customers
•What to do when they really CAN get it cheaper
•How to recognize when price objections are a smoke-screen
•How to sell at prices HIGHER than the competition
•Three strategies for getting more profit out of every transaction
•A simple technique to justify your price, even when you charge MORE
•23 situations where customers will gladly pay extra

Who Will Participate

This webinar is for anyone in sales or sales management who needs to position their product at a premium price point, overcome price objections or recapture market share lost to low-price competitors. Presented by best-selling author and award-winning speaker Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP, Senior Partner with The Guerrilla Group, and co-author of five books in the legendary “Guerrilla Marketing” series.


Orvel Ray Wilson

Executive Speech Coach | Best-selling author | Guerrilla Marketing Speaker

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60 Minutes